Tuesday, April 9, 2013

6 Kids is a Breeze

Or so we tell ourselves 8 months later


I can't say it's been easy...

I will say that even though he doesn't sleep all the way through the night (he does fall back to sleep REALLY FAST) 

and even though he hates naps and can be up for hrs and hrs and hrs and hrs

and even though he hates baby food...and most people food...(strictly boob here)

and even though he ONLY wants me to hold him and screams bloody murder like he's getting thousands of paper cuts when others hold him

and even though I can't put him down to do small tasks (oh say TAKE A SHOWER) w/o him having this look of being crushed by his best friend on his face...

IT'S BEEN 8 MONTHS OF INCREDIBLE BLISS...I can't imagine life without you

Sweet Cole you are a joy of all joys

I have gotten you to eat 1 bite a day of ppl food.  You like eating bread crusts....dinner rolls....pizza crust....1 pea....1 bite mashed potatoes....2 bites of mashed ham....a few bites of mashed chicken....smashed carrots .....u turned your nose up at all fruits (apples, peaches, bananas, pears)  you hate avocados

You like drinking from a cup that I'm drinking from.....

You just started crawling and it's totally precious.  No matter how many babies have come before you ....watching you do something for the first time makes my heart swell with pride

You only really like a morning nap....afternoons naps are hit or miss...like maybe 1 a week....because you skip that afternoon nap you crash SOMETIMES around 4:30 for a late nap.

Bathtime is around 7 AND YOU LOVE LOVE THE WATER.  You grab whatever bath toy you can and eat it....You splash your little arms and kick your feet non stop while bathing.  You love having the water poured into your hands....You try to grab the water as it falls ....

Bedtime is around 7:30 and you nurse and then go straight to bed.  You have been staying asleep and waking around 3...some nights 6....and then back down until 7am!  I will give you credit...even though you still wake up you go right back down to sleep!

Each day is crazy busy with you!  You love watching Lily and Reid run around the room....I can see your little mind working...."I will join you one day friends...I will join you"  

I keep hoping your calm quiet demeanor means you will be a quiet one...But if I remember correctly I said that about Reid...and he is anything but quiet

You just started crawling last week... You crack me up....it's like you are crawling on hot coals...your little hands won't stay long on the ground and your knees look all shaky.  You would crawl 1 step forward and 2 crawls back...Took you forever to come crawl to me like that.  Now you go forward a bit more sturdy

You hate when I am away from you.  You scream so hard.  Makes it so hard when I'm trying to get dinner cooked.  Yesterday was the worst....Makes my heart hurt to hear you cry like that...but sometimes you need others to hold you so I can do things.  Dinner was a mess....I was trying to hurry so fast to hold you again....to soothe your crying.....

You make it difficult to hold these days...you twist and turn and grab and stretch at anything near you.  I will then put you down on the ground to play ...which in turn makes you scream bloody murder.  When I sit with you on the floor you try to climb and pull up on me...(pinching my skin as you go...remind me to tell you about all the bruises I have on the back of my arm)

Slow down sweet boy!  Time is flying by too fast!

As for raising 6 kids...Once you get past 4 ...it's really not any different...just a bigger grocery bill (grins)


Caroline said...

He is adorable.

Anonymous said...

OMG girl, i don't know how you do it but those children are def gorgeous = )
P.S. I am officially a new follower to your blog! Hope to see you around by me some time! http://styledlikearockstar.blogspot.com

Mrs. Austin said...

So sweet! Love your monthly posts to sweet Cole. I've scoured your blog for a baby proofing post?! I would love some tips from a pro! Especially how to keep their little hands out of the bottom oven drawer?!

Elizabeth said...

Got here from Kendra's blog. This sounds just like our boy, except he's 9 months. Not liking solids, just nibbling a bit here and there. Becoming more mobile yet being very clingy at the same time. Sleeping fairly well, yet going on the occasional nap strike. He is our first, though. So we're still learning how to appreciate these baby days. It's nice to read your perspective.

jen said...

Never a truer statement than after four it is all the same. Ya just have to have five to know that, right?

jen said...

Never a truer statement than after four it is all the same. Ya just have to have five to know that, right?

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