Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Citrus Lane...Spoilers! Now GO Get You Some

It's that time of month again where I can show you all the goodies we got from our Citrus Lane boxes

Lily's box

OOGAA silicone placemat
Melissa and Doug stamp set
Innobaby snack container 
Full size Bath Wash Honest Company

I was disappointed with her box...I thought it was a bit on the small side....but according to LILY?  IT'S MY FAVORITE BOX EVER.  
Goes to show you I know nothing.  The girl is seriously into those stamps.  Can you believe I never let her stamp before?  She must have spent a hr if not more stamping things.  Thankfully it washes off bodies with a wet wipe...she found the joy of stamping my hands and hers!

She got her snack box up and filled it with some cereal 

Reid's box Rocked

OOGAA silicone placemat
Innobaby Juice Box Holder
Melissa and Doug Paint with Water pad
Plum Organic Berry Pouch
Skip*Hop Monkey Bottle
Full Size Bath Wash Honest Company

He's into Curious George lately so he assumes that's a Curious George Sippy!  Yea for monkeys

Lily and Reid fought over the paint pad...and it only came with 1 paintbrush and I couldn't find a spare around the house. Mommy Fail

The juice box holder will come in handy. ....I have been wanting one of these...I hate when we get juice boxes b/c Reid always squeezes his.  He assumed it was a snack box and started filling his with snacks......ummmm there's a hole in the bottom buddy!

Sweet Cole's Box

OOGGAA silicone mat
Melissa and Doug Wooden Caterpillar Grasping toy
Innobaby Snack Container
Full Size Bath Wash Honest Company

Yes...I got 3 bath washes....but heck fire...I have 6 kids and 4 of them still love kid soap.  I probably go through more soap than you can believe.  I'm an Honest company lover already so this soap has already been put to use. (1 bottle has only 1/3 left)  The smell is yummy (sweet orange vanilla) and no harmful chemicals!

Want to try Honest Company Products for free?  You can choose a sample baby/home/body products or sample diaper bundle for free using this code

I'm over all another happy customer of Citrus Lane again this month 
All the kids were super duper Thrilled!

I got my neighbor hooked (the momma with 6 kids too)
We were both standing on our porches awaiting the mailman.  Crazy I know...but those yellow boxes make us happy! 

Want $10 off your first Citrus Lane box?  Use this link

  You can cancel anytime....so you've got nothing to lose!  Only thing to lose?  They sell out quick so I would sign up now before it's too late.  

To see reviews from previous months ....Citrus Lane Boxes


Southern Cinderella said...

Love these boxes! I can't wait to receive my little nephews box!! Does it make me a terrible aunt that I'm having his boxes shipped to my house so that I can be there when he opens it? Haha!

LeAnna said...

I signed up! I cheated and did a gender neutral box with Q's age. Hopefully it'll have items suitable for both kids, and hopefully we don't get a bunch of stuff with rainbows on it. Ahem. ;)

Maryellen Goetze said...

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