Thursday, April 18, 2013

Friends Who Go the Distance

By distance I mean drive out to no man's land to see you!

I have a sweet friend who used to cut my hair all these years ago.  

We moved to our house now and the drive was far....but with only 3 kids at the time it was no problem.

Then I had Lily...and came Reid...then Cole sprouted.....

Let's just say my hair never got cut again ....and I've missed her something terrible.

Not only did Maribel become (first) my hairdresser....but (2nd) one of my closest friends.

Girls night out consisted of a quick dinner and off to a movie!  (miss those days)

She got married and then had her sweet first baby boy!

She had a craving for Luby's mac n cheese with that him...I remember her txt how she ran from work to get some mac n cheese....I used to giggle...oh the things we pregnant women crave!

About a yr after that I got a txt that said she was craving Luby's mac n cheese.

I remember staring at the txt confused and then JUMPING UP AND DOWN SCREAMING

SO fast forward to today!  

Sweet Pretty Maribel held off clients until afternoon and is driving out to see me AND CUT MY HAIR tomorrow.

Hello?  How many friends will do that?  (maybe ones that get picture txt daily of horrible hair...or txt asking how to cut layers or bangs....and feel bad for them)

Can you say excitement written all over my face?  She is the only person in the world that can cut my hair and not make me cry. 

Yes, I'm one of those that would go for a trim and yet they didn't listen to go home look in the mirror and cry asking yourself why you even wanted a haircut to begin with.

I wanted to give her a special treat to take her to her family, so I am baking my new favorite cake for her.....I will tell you tomorrow (she reads my blog and I want it to be a surprise)

It's a cake you must must make!  My kids have said it's their new favorite cake and they want it for their Birthdays!

For lunch I was going to make us Muffaletta sandwiches....I saw an episode of Bobby Flay this week and got me all craving the sweet toasted meaty olive goodness.....I txt her and asked if she liked olives 
Her reply NO.

Well there went that instead I'm ordering Chinese!  ( chicken goodness!)

Can't wait for my dear friend to come over!  It's been years and I've missed her sweet face!!!!

Now if only she doesn't panic on the drive out here! 


Anonymous said...

Hope you have a great time! Can't wait to hear about that cake recipe!

Caroline said...

Have fun!! And what a sweet friend!

The Herd said...

hope it turns out wonderful!

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