Thursday, April 11, 2013

It's My Turn!

I used to say it's my  (insert #) 21st birthday....

I don't know why I keep doing that each year.

My 21st really wasn't that exciting...maybe I'll change it to my 9th 30th birthday.

But then again my 30th wasn't really exciting either.

SO today is my 39th and I don't feel a day older than's that for positive mind over matter!

I am truly blessed....I've got a terrific hubby who puts up with all my craziness

I have 6 incredible (although lazy) kids!  hee hee

So my plans for the day?  I'm baking my cakes.  Yes, yes, before you think "why is she baking her own cakes?"

Well who else will?  Hubs works all day...big kids in school....and come on the little ones TRY to help.....I like the way my cakes taste when I bake them

(keep in mind the older ones can barely boil water!)

Every year I make a Strawberry Cake of some sort.

This year I am making a Strawberry Bundt I found on Pinterest...Look at her...

Purdy ain't she

Needless to say I baked her in my top little oven...and I went to check on her and she overflowed and ran all over my new double oven.  (figures it would happen ...and figures it would happen on my birthday)

I  also wanted to make Olive Garden's Lemon Cake.  It's probably one of my most favorite cakes ever.

I found that recipe on Pinterest too  ....I hope it turns out...I read mixed reviews!

Turning 39 in a house of 8 ppl requires 2 cakes...didn't you know that?

My inlaws are coming over tonight to babysit for us....I still haven't a clue where we are going to eat (my choice)  I'm thinking Mexican.  Not romantic...but...

This will be my first time in 8 months to leave Cole.  (shakes)

He truly hates to be away from me (or is it the other way around)

He cries when others hold him....even daddy....

But I'm determined to go out sans kids.  Cole makes it difficult to eat.  He grabs everything and anything on the table.  I figure what's the point in going out if I bring let's do it

I am hoping he takes a 4pm nap and then we will BOLT out the door for an early dinner.

I think if the grandparents put Cole in the stroller for a stroll with the kids he will enjoy it.  He loves being outdoors and in the stroller he can't see that I'm gone!  Wish him and me well!!!  

So far the little ones have had a billion fights...(I may or may not have yelled)

My cake overflowed in my new oven....
Note to self:  Do not bake a bundt cake in the top mini oven!  It not only hit the top and burned but it's all over the bottom

My house looks like a bomb exploded!  

Bright note?  My new nursing tanks came in the mail  (oh the little things that make us happy)

Check my new birthday present to myself out

Every mummy needs a little pink to brighten her day!  I figure I've been nursing for 4.5 yrs straight I deserved new tanks

These are fantastic...longer length...great perfect...has pink  and better yet?  Has pink bows on clasp...and can be worn regular or as a Racerback tank! 
You!Lingerie you make me feel pretty again.

Happy Birthday to me!


trendyfive said...

Yes, make sure you leave the kids at home!!! Enjoy your little bit of time and celebrate You! Happy Birthday to one of the funniest, awesomest, best chef/Mom I know in Savannah!!

Caroline said...

Happy Birthday dear friend. I hope you and hubs get to go out and have a fun time! Cole will be ok.

Jessi said...

Happy Birthday Laura!

The Herd said...

In Russia, it's normal, aka expected, for the birthday person to provide the cake---weird, eh?
Hope your date was fantastic and Cole was awesome!

Jumping Jack said...

Happy belated birthday! Hope your dinner sans kids was fabulous! :)

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