Thursday, April 4, 2013

Raising 6 Kids

Raising a big family has it's perks....

It's never quiet so you can get away with trouble

But the fact that it's always noisy can be an issue too ....

Trying to study (which they all seem to want to study in the noisy kitchen and not their rooms)

Or when I'm constantly telling the kids to be quiet there is a baby sleeping.  (I mean it's  hard to play chase when you can't scream bloody murder)

Mornings are crazy around here too!  Kids wake up at all different times and if I am lucky the baby sleeps in...(I'm shushing yet again)

Kids are rushing about getting ready for school....and #4 and #5 are usually demanding food and drinks and change of clothes etc.  (Don't normal children like to lounge all day in their pj's?)

This morning #4 was equally demanding.  The coffee pot overflowed on the counter and I was busy cleaning the mess  

"Mom I want a drink"

"Just a minute Lily ....I'm cleaning the coffee mess"

"I said I want it now"

"You can either sit patiently and wait or not have a drink at all"

She proceeds to have this evil grin on her face....think the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland...

Oldest child sees her and I hear him tell her

"You had better straighten up.  There were 7 others before you and Mom eats the bad ones.  We are down to 3 before you so do the Math"

(I peek up to see her face)

Lily's eyes got wide then answers 

"Did she use ketchup?"


My oldest is the funny one of the family.  By funny I mean demented at times.  

Here is a story from back in the day of how he tormented Mini Me

The Joys of Having Big Brothers!!!

This morning Mini Me came down for breakfast in tears. I gave her a big morning hug and asked her what was wrong....?
She wanted to show me what she found in her room when she woke up this morning.
Hanging from her canopy bed was her baby doll w/ this note attached
I busted out laughing.....I mean SHE doesn't drink her milk!!! ha ha ha
Gotta love big brothers!!

#1 is constantly making us laugh!  Love you ....


Heather said...

I seriously laughed outloud at this! Gotta love siblings!

Vanessa said...

So, ketchup?

LOL this is so funny!

For all of my childhood I was an only child (I have a baby bro and sis and we're 20+ years apart) but lived with my grandparents and cousins so we're all really close. And we used to play tricks on each other ALL. THE. TIME.

Dianna said...

So funny!!

Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

I should try that one! Hilarious!

Carey said...

I love how you just use numbers instead of names's just more efficient huh? :))
Such a fun family u have!

Tiffany said...

oh my! i just stumbled across your blog, and i'm laughing out loud at this! i'm the oldest of SIX GIRLS! i left notes & traps all over my room! this is hysterical!

just thought i'd say "hello" :)

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