Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Turd Expert..Hubby to the Rescue

I'll save you the gory pictures that won't go along with this post...

By writing this I'm grossed out all over again.....so stop reading if you have weak stomach


We have all done it....(if you're parents of children that is)

Potty Training

I thought it would be so easy.  I mean the 1st three were a breeze.  3rd birthdays rolled around...they woke up and were pee pee and poopy and night time trained.  It was that easy.  I mean sure there were a few accidents....kids play and forget to tinkle....but basically I didn't rush things and it just happened. 

Enter in child #4

She really liked the potty at age 2.  But it was more a fun toy so I held off....I tried again at 2.5....still fun toy....so I thought ok by 3rd birthday.  

But she fought me.  She would hold her bladder for more than 24hrs.  I remember telling hubs this is insane...she's so stubborn.  I was ready to let her be in a diaper forever just so she would pee.  I would  bathe her a few times a day hoping the warm water would force her to pee.  (I'm hoping she did...)

She had me in tears b/c of this.....

Poop...totally another thing with her.  The diaper girl side of her would poo everyday like clock work in the evening.  So during potty training time I would run her in there in the evenings...but nothing.

Days and days and days (sometimes 4 or more) would go by and still  nothing.

We tried giving her foods to help....or more liquid  to combat her constipation...we've tried anything but laxatives and stool softeners (we've read bad things about them these days) but she still fought it

Fast forward 1.5 yrs later....I can't believe all the mess she put us through....


She still battles constipation from time to time.  We do our best to keep her hydrated etc....but she has days where she runs in there multiple times trying her best....but she just can't

When she does they are rock hard and the size of a baseball.

Yesterday she finally passed another huge one!  Poor girl...

Flushed...everything seemed fine

Then later we tried to flush and it clogged...so we plunged and plunged and plunged

Hubs poured some draino down and then came to tell me not to use the guest bath for a while. 

Then we realized some toys were missing from the bath tub.  

Lovely....Reid must have flushed some...we tried to remember how many toys were missing...

Later we tried to flush the toilet and still was jammed.  

Hubs decided instead of eating lunch he would take the toilet apart and find the clog

Minutes later he hollered for me to come in the bathroom...sitting on the tub was the toilet...he had it on it's side so we could see the bottom....

Hubs:  "what do you see"

Me:  "what am I looking at?"

Hubs:  "at the bottom of the toilet there is the hole that goes into the ground.....what do you see"


Hubs:  "yep"  and he proceeds to stick his hand in and pull out the biggest poo ball I've ever seen

Poor girl pooped so big that it wouldn't fit down the hole in the floor..........

I was more impressed with my hubs....he did it without flinching.....he DUG right in and pulled it out.

(sorry I can't help laughing)

The things he does for our family....I surely would have left it sitting in there and  just bought a new toilet!  

Oh the day in the life of parenting!  It's a dirty job but someone (points to hubs) has to do it


jen said...

When I was on bedrest and my intestines completely stopped working, the dr. gave me Miralax--and it truly is a miracle. Gentle and easy.

My friend's daughter had the same problem as Miss Lily, and she developed what is called mega-colon--where the colon is so distended that it can't evacuate normally. I'm not an alarmist on any level, but you might want to ask a dr about it.

LeAnna said...

Oh my word, he's a rockstar for sure! Probiotics! Have you done those? FloraBears by Renew Life are wonderful. Especially helpful for constipation. ;)

Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

Oh my goodness! That is crazy! I used to babysit a little boy who hated pooping. He saved it in the toilet one day and I smelt the stank... He then told me he was saving it to show mommy in the toilet. I swear it was as long as his whole body.

Caroline said...

Hubs rocks!

Paige P said...

Try Sunkist prune juice. It's got a good flavor (so hopefully, she'd like it) and it really gets things going.

The Farm-Marm said...

Oh My Gosh How I needed this laugh right now!!! My husband's a plumber. Need I say more?! You wouldn't believe the things kids flush down the toilet! And as far as monster poops...my lil guy #5 has the SAME problem! Pears work wonders! Just sayin'!

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