Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekends Smeekends: Grass...It's What's for Dinner

Not sure about you but one minute it's Thursday and the next minute it is Monday of the following week....

Time flies and I am not sure I am accomplishing all I need to.  (note:  I did get tons of laundry done AND put away...bam)

Yes, I did this to my boy.  Needless to say oldest child and hubs were not amused.
I think he's precious in this photo....and he will probably never see this until he gets a bride and I show her how adorable he was.  Mommy's need to have precious memories...for they are only your baby once.

I told oldest child.....You will only wish I put ears and a tail on you after you see your first Christmas photo (giggles)

Menu Monday

Monday:  Mexican Lasagna (under recipe tab)  I noted to make adjustments and I will tonight
Tuesday:  Honey Baked Spiral and all the fixings
Wednesday:  Ham and Bean Soup and cornbread (using leftover ham and hamhock for this to save $)
Thursday: Skirt Steak  and Avocado Mash
Friday: Bolognese Sauce

Basically this week will consist of things that I already had on hand or things I can reuse.  I had everything for the Monday night on hand except for the enchilada sauce and green onions

Tuesday I bought everything....but plan on using leftovers and beans from pantry for Wednesday dinner with the inlaws...already have the stuff for cornbread...and another Coconut Cream Pie for dessert to use up leftover coconut!
Thursday...had tons of skirt steak in freezer....already had tortillas too...only had to buy avocados
Friday...only had to buy some crushed tomatoes.
Tried to get out under $150 for the week but had to buy some diapers for Cole...Spent $165.  Now you look at that and think wow...that was horrible...but the kids pack lunches and I am feeding 8 ppl.
(I have to say I am pleased since my bill usually is close to $400 a week!)

I wish I could find more ways to save....

Our weekend was quite relaxing....

We did a Kiwi Crate project all weekend...(more on that coming Wednesday)

and played outdoors in this fantastic weather.

Oldest child went to the Music and Arts Festival in town....I would have loved to have gone...but ....there's always a but isn't there?

Cole has been a crawling fool lately and likes to watch #4 and 5 play outside with the door open.  He stops when he comes to the's probably only a matter of time before he realizes he CAN go through it too! 

I can now find him into everything.....the dog food is not safe once again.  Why do all crawling babies make a bee line for the water and food?

Took him into the grass for the first time..he ate a few sprigs...I'm guessing it's ok...I mean lettuce is good for you!!!

Open Up Cole....I spy grass in there!

Miss Thang needed in on the pictures.  This weekend she was quite I called her Your Highness...which brought tears...the girl can NOT pretend to save her life.  Jeepers Lily...  Even when she is a princess or super hero...she's Lily....

Another incident yesterday?

set the scene:

Lily is at table doing a Kiwi Crate Craft
Reid is running around the house leaping from the couch like a super critter
Cole is crawling around like a bug trying to pull up on things

Lily: "Mom my stomach is calling....It says I need that means you need to feed're the mom"
Me: "yes your highness"
(me getting some nutella toast for miss highness and leap frog)

Cole wipes out and falls and cries.....

Lily: "'re not doing a very good job of watching your baby. You should sit with him at all times. You need to do a better job"

Deep Sigh....Thanks Lily.

No worse for the wear....gotta fall to learn to crawl!

#3 had to leap over the fence multiple times to retrieve balls that Reid seems to keep throwing over the fence...not just balls...but toys's getting annoying.  I'm hoping this phase is over quick!

Oh to have her long legs and cat like reflexes when leaping!

Weekend ended without mishap...(thank goodness)

Child #2 (or extra as #3 calls him)...cleaned his room (insert angels singing)....

Oldest child crashed about 6pm since he was up all night Saturday night when he spent the night with friends....can you say exhausted?

Hubs and I watched Hallmark Movie Channel all weekend and I cried  for the millionth time while watching Elevator Girl and The Lost Valentine.  He makes fun of me b/c I will say "this is the stupidest movie ever"  then break down and cry and beg him not to turn the channel.  Love me good clean sappy movies!  Thanks Larry Levinson!

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