Wednesday, May 29, 2013

We're Fab...Are You?

Calling all Little Girls (and little girls at heart)

Yes, I love monthly clubs....can you tell?

We get a few a month.....Kiwi Crate and Citrus Lane
and FabKids for just Lily.

FabKids is the clothing monthly club.  Great Quality clothes shipped to the house in a cute pink box.....

Each month on the 15th they have new selections...You can either pick which selections you want or skip the month.  We picked them again this month....

Here's what she got....

blue striped jumper w/hair flower clippy (we attached to her outfit)

This cute skirt....floral tank looks like a necklace and then has 3 dimensional flowers too.....and gold headband

What I love about this set is it can mix and match with the other sets she got from past shipments....
(shirt and skirt from a few months back)

and these 2 pieces too...

We love mixing!!

Each order also comes with either a headband for hair clip/flower clip 

Lily isn't a fan of things in her hair that often....but what's great is you can clip the flowers to the outfits straps

The quality is fantastic...and customer service is great too.  (remember when Lily placed an order and I needed a return?)

I heard through the grapevine that they are getting a boys line this summer.  I can't wait.  I hope they color coordinate the girls line...I am always looking for photo ops for the kids.

Want to get started?  Use this code for a buy one get one free when you sign up can skip months you don't want the selection (I love this feature) or cancel anytime.  Shipping is free

FabKids BOGO

Monday, May 27, 2013

9 Months, 9 Months, and 9 Months

Reid was 9 months when sweet Cole entered the picture...
9 months later sweet "Pole" was born
Cole is 9  months now....


Don't be thinking I'm the awesome word


What I wouldn't give to share the love again with the family....

But the difference is....


Cole?  Well....let's say it's not his favorite thing

I've tried to explain the joys of one day he will BEG for a sleeping in sounds like the feel of a soft, cool pillow feels when it makes contact with your face.

But nope

He won't listen

I've got baby fever.....people are sprouting them all around me

For now I will enjoy the smell of the newbies and tiny fingers and toes from others and then hand them back

I'm glad my still my little...and my baby!

I just wish the child would sleep!

(poor Reid looks anything but amused)

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Everyone's Doing It....Are You?

It's my favorite time again....

The mailman brought us some goodies.

I have talked about Citrus Lane before...(and no, CL didn't ask...doing this b/c I love them)

A personalized club for your kids....personalized by age and gender birth to age 5

You need to order by the 5th of each month ...b/c months have been selling fast.  (I just stay on automatic order)

This is the first month Lily didn't get a box....We're doing Kiwi Crate for her.  See posts on those here and here

So far I've been PLEASED with Kiwi Crate and the Citrus Lane.....

This month?  

Cole's Box

 I'm super happy this month.  Loved the full size snacks and the stacker toys.
I had yet to buy the other 2 kids some stacker toys and now Citrus Lane made it easy for me

Perfect toy for my 9m old

I also got some Dapple Dish Soap...nothing artificial in it...perfect for cleaning sippy cups, binkies and more

Hard book...Bear Takes a Trip.  We are fans of books here...keep em coming!

And a treat for mom again.  I've read some complain about getting things for mom inside....Crazy Women!  Some of my favorite things have been those!  (Like the Lavender Lip Balm I used each night before bed)

This month it's Deep Steep

  lavender ~ chamomile

Try it on chapped hands, lips, cuticles, heels or elbows. Apply liberally to windburn, sunburn, or any other dry spots the different seasons may bring.
Moisture Stick

Portable, versatile and stylish, Deep Steep’s Moisture Stick is a top seller.

Formulated to melt on contact with the heat from your skin, the Moisture Stick glides on easily and hydrates even the driest skin.

Certified by the 'Cruelty Free Bunny'
* No Parabens * No Sodium Lauryl Sulfate * No Mineral Oil
* No Artificial Fragrances * No Chemical Preservatives
* Gluten Free * Not Tested On Animals * Vegan

I'm in love!!!  

Reid's Box?

The Up Up Up book has a CD you can either watch on your PC or play on your CD player!  Hello fun times!!!

We love reading in this house so this book was a win win!

The Sandwich Shop kit was a hit

The kids made tons of things ...and the laughter was intoxicating.  (I may have broken a tooth or 2 pretending to eat their creations!

So have you gotten in in the fun yet? 
I mentioned no obligation ....cancel anytime

Need another incentive?  $10 off your first box

Use this link  "Citrus Lane" to try a box for a month ...I promise you will be as happy as we are

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Many Hats of a Mommy

 (My "Earth" Momma Angel Hat)

Cole is the worst sleeper!  I mean it.  I thought Lily was bad...I hadn't seen bad until he came along

What's worse is I thought he was great.  As a newborn he slept great...(I mean what newborn doesn't)  He had his days and nights mixed for a bit...but honestly it wasn't that bad.  

Then he would nap during the day and would get fussy...I could lay him down and boom...he would put himself to sleep

I thought ....WOOOOHOOOO I GOT ONE OF THOSE...and being my 6th I thought this was incredible.  This was going to make things great.  

By month 3 that ended.  LIKE HITTING A BRICK WALL AT GOING 100MPH

He quit doing that...and would cry forever.

Naps?  What are those?

Some days he's down to two 30min naps...

Nights are horrible...he is up 2-3 sometimes 4 times a night...

He's 9.5 months and it's a surprise each day at what he does...nap or no nap

A few days ago he took 2 1.5 hr naps...and only woke up once at night.  I thought wow...maybe we are on to something..could this be it?


I'm back to wanting  to rip my hair out.

He took a morning nap was great...about 1.5 hrs....but later NO AFTERNOON OR EVENING...fought me the entire time.  You can see his little face...he looks exhausted.  Why he fights it is beyond me.

At night?  goes does pretty good ...he's out by 8pm or earlier....

Then it's a free for all....he was up every 2 hrs last night and woke at 4:58 am to start his day.  I tried everything to get him back down....I threw my hands up before 6am. I didn't want him waking the entire house.  (or Lily...she sleeps in our room too)

My problem is that as the more of these days go on ...the more tired I am.  

Lack of sleep does things to a person.  

My Mommy Hats don't give me a break because I'm tired.

I'm a wife, mommy, chef, playmate, horsey (hello...I can't tell you how many times I've been jumped on yelling Giddy Up), dry cleaner, teacher, photographer, toy seeker, garbage man, hairdresser, chauffeur, poop expert, burp rag (Cole still spits up daily), rocking chair, entertainment, gopher, juggler, bug catcher, referee....

But one of those hats I  can't seem to own is a night cap....  I can't sleep on my job.

I can't get fussy and whine and tantrums hat for me

I can't take a day replacement hat

My Mommy hats can't fall off because the littles depend on me. 

I can't explain...."Now children, Mommy is tired because over the past 16 years sleep hasn't been a luxury I've been given....So when I go crazy and start foaming at the mouth you will know why"

No, I just have to smile and make sure my Crazy Hat is hidden under another hat that I wear.

Today though, I feel like the Crazy Mouth Foam Mother of all Mother Loads Hat is peeking through

  I've had my fill of crazy.

Hubs has a saying that makes me giggle  "Don't be selling crazy here....we'll all stocked up"

That's me today.

If you need me...You might find me in the fetal position or rocking in a corner.  

Maybe I can teach the kids a game of  Lets Pretend We Are Bears and Hibernate for Winter.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Is It Just Me?

When I go out and take just 3 of the 6's chaos....When I go run errands and take 6 of the 6 it's just pure mayhem!  It sometimes is good....I have extra hands to push buggies...but sometimes the small ones ONLY  want ME to push them and that doesn't work because there is only 1 of me.

Anywho....I'll have Cole strapped to my body....Reid in buggy BUT IF I am lucky I can find those cool double seater buggies and boom...Miss Lily can ride. 

A walking 4 yr old is not my idea of fun in a store when I've got things to do and get out!

There is usually screaming crying and begging (mainly me) while at the store.  I feel more stressed running a quick errand.  My goal is to get IN AN OUT w/o incident!

The other day I had just 3 of them....and I see a family walking and they had 4 kids.  2 were walking...1 was riding inside the buggy and one was riding in the kid part.  They were probably 4 and under.  AND WALKING LIKE SWEET ANGELS

You know the kind.....they look all shy and quiet.  Not just 1 of them but ALL of them.

I watched for a bit...I stalked might have followed for a bit. NOT ONE OF THEM ACTED UP.  They just looked at things and quietly followed their mommy.

I wanted to go up to her and ask...."how do you do it?"

And this isn't the first time I've seen something like this.....

Which makes me feel so inadequate as a  mommy

I mean what possibly can she do any different than I try to do?

I try to smile and be kind to my kids....I tell them the rules of the store BEFORE we go.  I explain to them what we are doing and why and what I expect of them in the store.  How we don't whine and fight or scream.  How other ppl are there and we need to use our good manners

As we drive to places I chant "What are we gonna be on?"  they respond "BEST BEHAVIOR"  

Maybe I'm doing something wrong.  

Next thing I know...the kids are fighting...screaming...begging....and I'm sweating just willing things to just jump in my buggy and be done with it.  It's always my luck that the check out lines are terribly long and yet we start the mess all over again

Target is my saving grace.....the double buggies rock....and the icee's save me....I can get about 40 mins out of a Target trip before meltdown begins.

Cole now is the problem.  When I wear him he swings backwards to try and grab everything.  Then he will lean forward to "try" to push the buggy too.  (not helpful)

If he is near a shelf he will try to grab anything on it.  

If I have a list...?  He grabs it with his hand and eats it..

I look like an  octopus fighting the enemy.  I'm sure it's comical, but I'm not the one laughing

So back to this momma....

How does she do it?

I want to be that mommy

I swear next time I see this ....I'm sucking up my pride and asking what she does to make her children look like angels.

Do you have angel?  Share your secret!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Getting Messy.....Playing with Your Kids

This is our 2nd month to get Kiwi Crate...The first month you can read about here...

The theme this month was Feathered Friends....

When our box arrived it had a piece of string hanging from it.  The kids thought it was a 'feathered friend" tail hanging out and started screaming with excitement

Lily and I made the mistake of opening the box with Reid....he started yanking everything from the box ready to tear into it....
This box was for Lily....(Reid gets the Citrus Lane box now)

So after Reid's nap...Lily and I started with the projects....

Aprons On and Ready!


We are making a Bird Costume and Nest and Eggs....on to the nitty gritty
 The directions said we were excited!  What's a craft w/o mess

What's great is they PROVIDE all the stuff....all you need is a work surface for mess....

Lily poured all the glue in the bowl and added her string (for her nest)


Then after the string was wet we took the green bowl provided and spread the sticky string around to form a nest....Then off to dry 


The next step was painting our eggs.  She had some issues with her fingers getting blue paint on them.  NO worries b/c of course it would wash off....but still

 So I came up with an idea for her to still paint and not get messy.  My good ol Clothespins THAT ARE GREAT FOR LOTS OF THINGS

Eggs all needs to dry overnight.... and then Viola....we pretended babies were inside

Next we made a bird costume....of course we were so busy mommy forgot to take pictures

Made a mask and wings...(I had to do the wings...she gave up haha)

 The mask was sticking feathers and noses on...they gave 3 different ones to use...she liked the Kiwi bird nose the best.  They all have velcro on them so she can change them out. 

Finished project....

 The neighbors dog came out to join Lily too.

 The only complaint?  That they come once a month.  I have loved this time with Lily  doing crafts with her!  If you have kids ages 3-7 (really it's been fun for all other dd is 12 and had fun helping her sis) you should try a month out.  It's $19.95 a month.  Here is a coupon code link for $10 off your box if you want to sign up.  Cancel anytime!

What's even  more fun?  They have kits for birthday parties too...I'm so doing this for Lily's next party! Check these kits out

 Whatcha Waiting For?

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Lily an Online Shopping Addict

I mentioned back here about FabKids

How easy it was to sit back and click what you want....and if you didn't want that months choices then you can just skip it.  Hello easy!!

Well last month we got these .....(The yellow top came with either pink leggings or shorts)

Now look at the cuties we are getting for May....

I can't say enough about the quality of these clothes...think Gap, Gymboree feel

They fit her perfectly and have held up through some stains and multiple washing.  I'm am very pleased

Even better?  The customer service.

The other day I got an email saying my order had shipped.  I thought what are they talking about?
I check the status and 5 hairbows were ordered

Lily decided to get on FabKids the other day to look at outfits.  She likes looking at all the girls....(when  you hold your mouse over them they move)

Some how she placed an order for 5 (OF THE SAME HAIRBOWS)....Needless to say I wasn't amused

I contacted customer service when the box arrived...and they emailed me a return postage FREE SHIPPING BACK and I can either return, exchange or credit.  I of course choose credit b/c hello!  Love them!

Lesson Learned?  Log out when on clothing sites when Lily is around!  
She got on again yesterday and said she needed to order a dress.  
It starts early!!!

Want to get 2 outfits for the price of one right now??? (new customers)

Use this link....FabKids Buy 1 Get 1
Don't worry...cancel anytime or skip a month you don't want to order!

Or too lazy...just call Lily over...she'll order for you!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Mommyhood...What Always Happens

Miscellany Monday....

one.  sicks

it's inevitable.  you can't just have 1 kid up at night feeling ill.  you have to have 3.  3 i tell you.  do you know how many me's there are?  1

reid was first...he hasn't woken up in ages at night...and friday/saturday morn he woke up and needing to rock...woke up saturday morn with a HORRIBLE nose and fever.  wouldn't you guess that cole and lily were next?  sunday night/monday morning i was up with all 3

first cole....10:40-midnight.  he felt warm and couldn't breathe to nurse.  every time i laid him in the crib (i swore i thought he was asleep) he woke.   i finally got him back down by lily was awake.  felt her head and she was burning up and sniffing.  tried to shush her back to sleep...only to hear reid wake calling my name over and over.  

clock now says 1am  (I haven't been to sleep yet)

i rock him and i'm in a panic thinking cole will wake and be screaming and i can't hear him from reid's room....finally get reid settled around 1:30...only to find lily wandering the hallway looking for me shouting my name  (deep sigh)

walk her back to my her settle...give her water....

lay my head down on the pillow....5 mins later....reid again....

clock now reads 2:30  ( i still haven't been to sleep)

get reid all settled and rush back thinking now cole will wake for a feeding and i'll never get to sleep.

but's lily....she's still not feeling good and i rub her back.....only to hear reid again

i go to his room and tell him he needs to lay down and stay down and not call for mommy...HE NEEDS TO SLEEP so he can feel better

i am in near tears as i stumble back to bed 

clock reads 4:10.  ( i still haven't been to sleep)

i drift off...only to wake at 5:53 to a crying ....feverish....snotty stopped up cole.

and my day begins

i am short on steam one better push my buttons

two.  mothers day

my mom was in town all last week...and she left friday....horrible really.....i need her back....we all need our mummy

here we are back in the day....(i think i was almost 1 yrs old)

love her!

as for my mothers day?  i had sick kids and hubs had work....but he took off early and we all went on a target run!  what better place to spend part of your's my happy place with my favorite ppl

four.  teeth....we kinda need em

ugh....i hate the dentist...i always put it off....but now i can't.
about 10 yrs ago i had some of those metal fillings replaced with the porcelain fillings...i guess they don't hold up as well and a few started to get tiny holes.  so instead of going promptly to get them filled real quick...i did nothing.....well one of them the hole got bigger and bigger and now it's huge and hurts.  i went from having a small problem to a huge problem.  
now my mom has gone back home....and 3 kids i can't TAKE WITH ME...and hubs who has 2 work projects due.  not to mention #6 hates to have me out of his sight.  no idea what i will do. 

i really want to start eating again on that side and not have pain bring me to my knees.  

why can't dentist make house calls so the kids can run wild while i get worked on?

five.  canton

i may be going to canton at the end of this month with a fellow blogger named Leanna over at Thoughts and is hoping cole (who is tagging along with her new wee one) starts to chill...he hasn't made a fun car or stroller companion lately.....he needs to know that canton is all about having fun!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Southern Girls...Monogram Craze! 15% Off

For the past 2 years, Brandy over at Sunfire Creative has been sewing some personalized things for my kids...

From the Turkey Shirts....Fall shirts....BIG SISTER AND BIG BROTHER CLOTHES....Newborn baby stuff...blankets...burp cloths..

Here are just a few...

With summer around the corner...I got some hooded towels for the kids to take to the pool.....Lily has informed me she wants it for pool and bath time....(yes your highness)  The boys have their name on them...Miss Lily gets the Southern Girl touch!  Monogram!!

One thing I couldn't resist was this Monogrammed Chevron dress for Lily! Again every Southern Girl needs monograms and lots of them!

Need a baby gift?  These would be ruffled bloomers would be perfect 

Or need to get 4th of July ready? 

Birthday Sets, she makes those too

For those of us with boys?  They aren't forgotten!  

I'm in love with these Jammies...

Head over to SUNFIRE CREATIVE and take a look around at all of her cute things...

Guess what?  All my readers get 15% off when you use the code COWBOYBOOTS

Follow her on FB for previews....preorders....and specials!  You won't be disappointed!

Have an idea?  Email Brandy and I am sure she can design something for you that won't disappoint!


Whatcha gonna order?

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