Wednesday, May 8, 2013

9 is Fine

Hey there sweet boy!  

9 is Fine....but hey Cole Sleep is better

Ok that totally didn't make sense...but who cares.  The child doesn't know the meaning of sleep.

We are talking 2-3 (3 would be a dream) 30-45 min naps.  That is unless I choose to go somewhere and then he will pick that day to sleep 1.5 hrs.  Which is so strange and rare... like he does it on purpose knowing I will either have to scrap my plans or be late .....I MEAN AFTER ALL YOU NEVER WAKE A SLEEPING BABY....esp one that never sleeps

He goes down great at night.....but then wakes either 1-3 hrs later and then every 2-3 hrs after that.  
Did I mention I'm exhausted?

 (look at that sweet face)
Did I mention he still sort of hates food?    He will eat 1 bite of something.  AND IT CAN'T BE BABY FOOD.  He hates that mush..who can blame him.  I got a pea in him....piece of broccoli....a piece of pear....a bit of carrots.....he did eat pot roast...and seems to eat a few pieces of chicken breast.  Hates fruits and avocado.  (he needs to fix the avocado part)

He went from barely crawling to speed pulling up...

His big brother is still his biggest fan.....and still licking him...

Cole never minds though

Cole you adore bath time and splash and kick and squeal the entire time....not a fan of getting out and drying off!

Can't wait for the weather to warm up....the pool has your name written all over it!

You are doing better at letting others hold you.  (silent cheer)

But we have discovered you do have a temper.  When we take things away you grab and fight and scream....but overall you are still my smiling happy child.  (promise to stay that way)

(temper now....Mom I'm tired of photos)

Cole you are weighing  in close to 20lbs....not sure how ...I guess all your fresh cream does you good.

You are wearing size 3 diapers and 6-9 month clothes.  

We brought out all Reid's summer stuff and the sweet memories they held for him .....and now we get to make the same memories for you

You shout "GUH" when you walk in a room......and we answer back...which makes you giggle

You have discovered your siblings sippy cup....and found the sweet juicy goodness inside.  I will admit you are the earliest baby to drink from one...might be a good thing for mommy one day!

You have pulled up in your crib...and sadly I have had lower it down to the lowest setting....AND cover the sides of the crib so you can't see out

You look over and see me when sleeping at night and giggle and cry and whine.

As crazy as you are....I can't help but inhale you each and every minute that I am around you.
I'm so glad you're my baby!


Dianna said...

LOVE the picture of Reid licking Cole! Hilarious! I can't believe your baby is already 9 months old!

likeschocolate said...

So cute! Total cookie cutters of each other at least in looks!

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