Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Everyone's Doing It....Are You?

It's my favorite time again....

The mailman brought us some goodies.

I have talked about Citrus Lane before...(and no, CL didn't ask...doing this b/c I love them)

A personalized club for your kids....personalized by age and gender birth to age 5

You need to order by the 5th of each month ...b/c months have been selling fast.  (I just stay on automatic order)

This is the first month Lily didn't get a box....We're doing Kiwi Crate for her.  See posts on those here and here

So far I've been PLEASED with Kiwi Crate and the Citrus Lane.....

This month?  

Cole's Box

 I'm super happy this month.  Loved the full size snacks and the stacker toys.
I had yet to buy the other 2 kids some stacker toys and now Citrus Lane made it easy for me

Perfect toy for my 9m old

I also got some Dapple Dish Soap...nothing artificial in it...perfect for cleaning sippy cups, binkies and more

Hard book...Bear Takes a Trip.  We are fans of books here...keep em coming!

And a treat for mom again.  I've read some complain about getting things for mom inside....Crazy Women!  Some of my favorite things have been those!  (Like the Lavender Lip Balm I used each night before bed)

This month it's Deep Steep

  lavender ~ chamomile

Try it on chapped hands, lips, cuticles, heels or elbows. Apply liberally to windburn, sunburn, or any other dry spots the different seasons may bring.
Moisture Stick

Portable, versatile and stylish, Deep Steep’s Moisture Stick is a top seller.

Formulated to melt on contact with the heat from your skin, the Moisture Stick glides on easily and hydrates even the driest skin.

Certified by the 'Cruelty Free Bunny'
* No Parabens * No Sodium Lauryl Sulfate * No Mineral Oil
* No Artificial Fragrances * No Chemical Preservatives
* Gluten Free * Not Tested On Animals * Vegan

I'm in love!!!  

Reid's Box?

The Up Up Up book has a CD you can either watch on your PC or play on your CD player!  Hello fun times!!!

We love reading in this house so this book was a win win!

The Sandwich Shop kit was a hit

The kids made tons of things ...and the laughter was intoxicating.  (I may have broken a tooth or 2 pretending to eat their creations!

So have you gotten in in the fun yet? 
I mentioned no obligation ....cancel anytime

Need another incentive?  $10 off your first box

Use this link  "Citrus Lane" to try a box for a month ...I promise you will be as happy as we are

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Casey K said...

Oh wow this sounds neat! I may have to look into it!

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