Friday, May 17, 2013

Getting Messy.....Playing with Your Kids

This is our 2nd month to get Kiwi Crate...The first month you can read about here...

The theme this month was Feathered Friends....

When our box arrived it had a piece of string hanging from it.  The kids thought it was a 'feathered friend" tail hanging out and started screaming with excitement

Lily and I made the mistake of opening the box with Reid....he started yanking everything from the box ready to tear into it....
This box was for Lily....(Reid gets the Citrus Lane box now)

So after Reid's nap...Lily and I started with the projects....

Aprons On and Ready!


We are making a Bird Costume and Nest and Eggs....on to the nitty gritty
 The directions said we were excited!  What's a craft w/o mess

What's great is they PROVIDE all the stuff....all you need is a work surface for mess....

Lily poured all the glue in the bowl and added her string (for her nest)


Then after the string was wet we took the green bowl provided and spread the sticky string around to form a nest....Then off to dry 


The next step was painting our eggs.  She had some issues with her fingers getting blue paint on them.  NO worries b/c of course it would wash off....but still

 So I came up with an idea for her to still paint and not get messy.  My good ol Clothespins THAT ARE GREAT FOR LOTS OF THINGS

Eggs all needs to dry overnight.... and then Viola....we pretended babies were inside

Next we made a bird costume....of course we were so busy mommy forgot to take pictures

Made a mask and wings...(I had to do the wings...she gave up haha)

 The mask was sticking feathers and noses on...they gave 3 different ones to use...she liked the Kiwi bird nose the best.  They all have velcro on them so she can change them out. 

Finished project....

 The neighbors dog came out to join Lily too.

 The only complaint?  That they come once a month.  I have loved this time with Lily  doing crafts with her!  If you have kids ages 3-7 (really it's been fun for all other dd is 12 and had fun helping her sis) you should try a month out.  It's $19.95 a month.  Here is a coupon code link for $10 off your box if you want to sign up.  Cancel anytime!

What's even  more fun?  They have kits for birthday parties too...I'm so doing this for Lily's next party! Check these kits out

 Whatcha Waiting For?

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