Monday, May 13, 2013

Mommyhood...What Always Happens

Miscellany Monday....

one.  sicks

it's inevitable.  you can't just have 1 kid up at night feeling ill.  you have to have 3.  3 i tell you.  do you know how many me's there are?  1

reid was first...he hasn't woken up in ages at night...and friday/saturday morn he woke up and needing to rock...woke up saturday morn with a HORRIBLE nose and fever.  wouldn't you guess that cole and lily were next?  sunday night/monday morning i was up with all 3

first cole....10:40-midnight.  he felt warm and couldn't breathe to nurse.  every time i laid him in the crib (i swore i thought he was asleep) he woke.   i finally got him back down by lily was awake.  felt her head and she was burning up and sniffing.  tried to shush her back to sleep...only to hear reid wake calling my name over and over.  

clock now says 1am  (I haven't been to sleep yet)

i rock him and i'm in a panic thinking cole will wake and be screaming and i can't hear him from reid's room....finally get reid settled around 1:30...only to find lily wandering the hallway looking for me shouting my name  (deep sigh)

walk her back to my her settle...give her water....

lay my head down on the pillow....5 mins later....reid again....

clock now reads 2:30  ( i still haven't been to sleep)

get reid all settled and rush back thinking now cole will wake for a feeding and i'll never get to sleep.

but's lily....she's still not feeling good and i rub her back.....only to hear reid again

i go to his room and tell him he needs to lay down and stay down and not call for mommy...HE NEEDS TO SLEEP so he can feel better

i am in near tears as i stumble back to bed 

clock reads 4:10.  ( i still haven't been to sleep)

i drift off...only to wake at 5:53 to a crying ....feverish....snotty stopped up cole.

and my day begins

i am short on steam one better push my buttons

two.  mothers day

my mom was in town all last week...and she left friday....horrible really.....i need her back....we all need our mummy

here we are back in the day....(i think i was almost 1 yrs old)

love her!

as for my mothers day?  i had sick kids and hubs had work....but he took off early and we all went on a target run!  what better place to spend part of your's my happy place with my favorite ppl

four.  teeth....we kinda need em

ugh....i hate the dentist...i always put it off....but now i can't.
about 10 yrs ago i had some of those metal fillings replaced with the porcelain fillings...i guess they don't hold up as well and a few started to get tiny holes.  so instead of going promptly to get them filled real quick...i did nothing.....well one of them the hole got bigger and bigger and now it's huge and hurts.  i went from having a small problem to a huge problem.  
now my mom has gone back home....and 3 kids i can't TAKE WITH ME...and hubs who has 2 work projects due.  not to mention #6 hates to have me out of his sight.  no idea what i will do. 

i really want to start eating again on that side and not have pain bring me to my knees.  

why can't dentist make house calls so the kids can run wild while i get worked on?

five.  canton

i may be going to canton at the end of this month with a fellow blogger named Leanna over at Thoughts and is hoping cole (who is tagging along with her new wee one) starts to chill...he hasn't made a fun car or stroller companion lately.....he needs to know that canton is all about having fun!


Michaela Anne said...

I hope all gets better soon and everyone gets well soon!

Canton is awesome! I haven't been in two years...or is it 3 now? I miss it...its been calling my name! LOL

Katie said...

Wow- Lily is SO a mini-you. She looks so much like you when you were a baby- adorable :)

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