Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Many Hats of a Mommy

 (My "Earth" Momma Angel Hat)

Cole is the worst sleeper!  I mean it.  I thought Lily was bad...I hadn't seen bad until he came along

What's worse is I thought he was great.  As a newborn he slept great...(I mean what newborn doesn't)  He had his days and nights mixed for a bit...but honestly it wasn't that bad.  

Then he would nap during the day and would get fussy...I could lay him down and boom...he would put himself to sleep

I thought ....WOOOOHOOOO I GOT ONE OF THOSE...and being my 6th I thought this was incredible.  This was going to make things great.  

By month 3 that ended.  LIKE HITTING A BRICK WALL AT GOING 100MPH

He quit doing that...and would cry forever.

Naps?  What are those?

Some days he's down to two 30min naps...

Nights are horrible...he is up 2-3 sometimes 4 times a night...

He's 9.5 months and it's a surprise each day at what he does...nap or no nap

A few days ago he took 2 1.5 hr naps...and only woke up once at night.  I thought wow...maybe we are on to something..could this be it?


I'm back to wanting  to rip my hair out.

He took a morning nap yesterday...it was great...about 1.5 hrs....but later NO AFTERNOON OR EVENING...fought me the entire time.  You can see his little face...he looks exhausted.  Why he fights it is beyond me.

At night?  goes does pretty good ...he's out by 8pm or earlier....

Then it's a free for all....he was up every 2 hrs last night and woke at 4:58 am to start his day.  I tried everything to get him back down....I threw my hands up before 6am. I didn't want him waking the entire house.  (or Lily...she sleeps in our room too)

My problem is that as the more of these days go on ...the more tired I am.  

Lack of sleep does things to a person.  

My Mommy Hats don't give me a break because I'm tired.

I'm a wife, mommy, chef, playmate, horsey (hello...I can't tell you how many times I've been jumped on yelling Giddy Up), dry cleaner, teacher, photographer, toy seeker, garbage man, hairdresser, chauffeur, poop expert, burp rag (Cole still spits up daily), rocking chair, entertainment, gopher, juggler, bug catcher, referee....

But one of those hats I  can't seem to own is a night cap....  I can't sleep on my job.

I can't get fussy and whine and cry...no tantrums hat for me

I can't take a day off.....no replacement hat

My Mommy hats can't fall off because the littles depend on me. 

I can't explain...."Now children, Mommy is tired because over the past 16 years sleep hasn't been a luxury I've been given....So when I go crazy and start foaming at the mouth you will know why"

No, I just have to smile and make sure my Crazy Hat is hidden under another hat that I wear.

Today though, I feel like the Crazy Mouth Foam Mother of all Mother Loads Hat is peeking through

  I've had my fill of crazy.

Hubs has a saying that makes me giggle  "Don't be selling crazy here....we'll all stocked up"

That's me today.

If you need me...You might find me in the fetal position or rocking in a corner.  

Maybe I can teach the kids a game of  Lets Pretend We Are Bears and Hibernate for Winter.


Dianna said...

You poor thing. I hope it gets better very soon.

Michaela Anne said...

Oh sweet blogger friend...I pray your sweet boy doesn't take as long as my sweet Bella did. She did not sleep through the night until after she turned 3. Ouch!

Caroline said...

Hope it gets better soon. Eli has started rolling and screams bloody murder when he wakes up and is on his tummy. Then it happens again...

LeAnna said...

Bless you, sweet friend. Some kids are just awful sleepers. I always laugh at people who "trained" their kid to sleep. HAH. They just have a bad sleeper turned good sleeper. ;)

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