Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hoho's ....I got Mine

Eon's back I was in IG...(are you on there?) and Sasha over at Lemonade Makin Mama posted a photo of her hoho's she had made for her kids......

These were adorable and I just had to get my hands on one...

But my luck...she has a waiting list like months long....So I paid my way to get my place in line.....

Here is what I got...

Meet Sweetie and Pie (get it sweetie pie wink wink???!!)

This was one of her (who?  Crystal that's who) Mama hoho's!!!  
I was in love with the mama wearing her baby...Lily said it was just like me and she needed one.  I mean afterall...what momma doesn't love wearing her sweet ones?!

What is a Hoho?   

Well, a few years ago now, I was shopping with my littlest son.  He went nuts over some soft minky fabric and I bought a yard because of how much he loved it.  I sat down at my machine and came up with a completely original and unique creation.  The pattern has evolved a bit over time as I have perfected it but overall has remained the same.  Since creating them all those years ago, Hohos have gone to live with big and little children all over the world!  Hohos are just happy little monsters who love who they are!   

Why are they so wonky?

We live in a world that expects perfection and attaches self-worth to that perfection.  And that is an impossible standard to live up to.  The mission of the Hoho is to let kids (big and little) know that YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE PERFECT TO BE LOVEABLE!! 
Each and every Hoho is unique and special, just like their owner.  They are purposefully wonky, a little imperfect and 100% one of a kind, there is not another like your Hoho in the world just like there is not another YOU anywhere in the world! 

I need more...why?  She makes Keepsake ones using a piece of clothing from your babies wardrobe.  I've saved of a good amount of Lily's stuff for a baby quilt ...I'm gonna snag a piece for a Keepsake....and maybe one for #6 too...he lacks in the 'his own' department.

You want one now huh?  Regular hoho's are about 20 plus shipping (don't quote me) and keepsakes are about 30 plus shipping....

Well get in line......I think her wait now is September.  But I don't care!  I love the idea of the Keepsake Hoho!

Contact the sweet and talented Crystal for one.....

Monday, June 24, 2013

#4, 5, and 6

Daddy was the main man this weekend....

Saturday and Sunday he took #4 and #5 to the pool while mommy and #6 stayed home .....#6 got a much needed morning nap....and me?  Well I got a much needed DO NOTHING kind of rest.  It was bliss and weird b/c it hasn't been that quiet in ...well forever.  Lily quit taking naps before she was 2.  (blech) so nuff said.

Saturday evening #4 was begging to go fishing.  Off she ran for her best dress (what?) and hello kitty boots and pink pole....

We all walked down the the pond at the end of the street and found a perfect shady spot.  There wasn't a hook on her pole...(hello, we learned ages ago she would rather stand there pretending...besides...her and Reid sword fight with them...we don't need someone hooking the other)

I snapped this sweet shot...

The kids seem more interested in finding what trash has come up on the bank then anything....so

Off to the swings....where baby and I sat once again in the shade...and daddy pushed the 2 littles high high into the sky....

Miss Thang loves adores her daddy...I love the way she walks over to him and seems to melt into his hip getting rubs on the back and hugs.

#5...was on a war rampage this weekend.  He has some "communication" issues and used his mouth for biting and his hands for hitting.  It was a weekend of "oh no you didn't" with him

Poor Lily's arm...looked like an animal attacked her...but never fear.  I whipped out my Panaway EO and rubbed it on her for the past 2 days....instead of a nasty purple angry thing...it's a mild light brown....I love my oils 

#6 has been sleeping better and the same. (huh?)  I think Friday night he went down by 8 and slept until 2am...bam!

Last night though I laid him down at 8pm asleep and 2 seconds later he popped up and was partying like it was 1999.  (If you don't know what that is referring to you are too young...or I'm too old)  He didn't crash again until close to 10...boo to the parents looking forward to quiet time

It's a work in progress with that boy.  I have changed my night routine with him...I have found that an Epsom Salt bath with my Lavender EO and then some Valor on his spine and feet has been helping.  

Hubs neck was killing him after a long weekend hanging with his peeps and I rubbed some Panaway, Valor, and Peppermint on him....He now thinks I'm the bomb!  (P-sha...I already knew that honey)

Big kids got home from camp and now are in Colorado...wait until I tell you about their camp experience....a mother's job is never done

Friday, June 21, 2013

Parenting Junk...I Got This....

You're busy taking photos of the kids and you happen to capture one of them falling.....and you don't realize until you are viewing your photos and see in the snapshots him falling....look up and yep...there he is on his back looking confused

You know you're a good parent when........

You JUST NOW realize that your soon to be 5 yr old has 2 different color eyes...

It's a good feeling being a parent when.........

you're sitting on the floor and your child comes and sits on your leg and then yells at you to get off them

your child screams she wants apple juice and you get her some and she cries because she was hungry

when you give your kids vitamins and you have a red and blue and let them choose the color.  One picks red and eats it.  The other kid picks blue and eats it....Then red child cries because they changed their mind after they swallowed and wanted blue too.

your child is about to fall so you help hold them and then they get mad b/c you helped them not fall

your daughter wakes and comes downstairs and you say "Morning Princess" and she screams 


Nothing grosses you out anymore...

your child does #2 on the potty and you are helping them wipe.  You then realize the toilet paper wasn't really on your hand  and instead your hand did the wiping

you wipe your kids boogey with your fingers....and then go to wipe it off..and it won't wipe...and you keep trying to get it off and it keeps rolling....and you wipe harder again and it gets wedged under your finger nail.  by this point the whole booger could have just stayed in his nose...for pete's sake

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Kiwi Crate Read Her Mind....

Kiwi Crate $10 off 

It's that time again...

Lily got her monthly Kiwi Crate craft box in the mail

We use the time the 2 boys go down for a nap to create our masterpieces together. 
I mean we all know stinky brothers can mess up things...

So far we have been really happy with our monthly Kiwi Crate!  I have totally loved all the crafts (2 in a box) and the quality of the stuff has been great.

Everything is in the box that you will need to do the crafts ...EVERYTHING.  Most of the things can be used even after the craft is over...ie kid scissors....big crayons, wooden spoons, and plastic bowls  (win win)

Past boxes Here and Here

This months theme was Nature Explorer.

What's ironic about this box is that Lily has a "nature box".  (old pencil box of the kids) and she stores "nature things" inside....But she got to make this one and decorate it and it came with fun stuff to do while searching for treasures!  

Each craft comes with an instruction booklet that is so simple and easy to follow...with written directions and pictures!  Score!

After coloring all her stickers she decorated her box and wrote her name....then she threaded the ribbon through the box and I tied it up for her.  Next she put her Velcro snaps on ....and mommy had to help bend the dividers for her. 


 Here are the treasures she was finding around the house....she wanted to put my hair in the brown...but ....I wasn't really hip on that idea!

  Here are the different cards you put in the bottom for different treasure hunts

The other craft was a My Starlight Lantern

Again...comes with everything you need....First you pick which colored papers you want and start to stamp stars on paper.  It came with this super awesome star punch...

Then she stuck the papers to the sides of the lantern with glow in the dark stickers

 Mommy helped put the box together...and Lily twisted the pipe cleaners for her handle...she threaded them through and mommy tied them off.

Next she turned on her "light" and put it inside!  (the light is battery operated...no real flames)

She has been thrilled all day with her creations!  She couldn't wait for it to get dark outside to use it.

It even came with a booklet to talk about the stars in the sky

Want to get in all the fun?  It's only $19.95 a month and you can cancel anytime....
Want to try out a box for $9.95?  Use this coupon code LINK



Friday, June 14, 2013

Sandy Critter Fun...Birthday Gift Ideas

The other day we were at Learning Express looking for a birthday gift for a party we were invited too...

We were looking for those Melissa and Doug wooden toys....the cupcake set
Once there we spotted a slew of Melissa and Doug toys ...like the wooden trucks etc. 

Lily spotted the cookie making set and picked that for her friend

here's a video on the slice and bake
(now we need one)

While the ladies were wrapping the present Lily and Reid ran off to play with this sandbox display....

I went over to see and thought it was the cutest thing ever...they were enthralled forever
They are SANDBOX CRITTERS.  Mini ones.  It comes with sand...toys....and a little plastic mat for easy clean up.

I had to have some....

That's where my sweet MIL comes in to play!!!

I phoned her and told her about them....

Off to Amazon to find better deals...I mean who doesn't love free prime shipping and sometimes their prices are the best around.


There were 4 different ones to choose from...I picked the turtle for Reid...it had a truck and construction things inside...I was torn for Lily...either the mermaid one or farm set.  I went with the piggy farm set.

It might be a big messy...but they have been playing non stop all day with these things.  I have to buy more for future birthday gifts for friends....

Thursday, June 13, 2013

This and That Thursday

(courtesy of my phone/instagram)

I made a little of this.....
lotta latte love...

My inlaws love my cookies and share them from time to time with friends....one of the couples love to eat them with their morning coffee.   A few months back they gave me a bag full of adorable cookie cutters...as a thank you ....I thought I would make them some coffee/cocoa cup cookies.  What better way to drink your coffee and eat it too!!!

I found a little of this....

A brand new bag of apples....only got to eat 2 of them before i found that...thanks Dude Friend

A little of that......
sent to my hubs....seemed appropriate

 A bunch of these....

My MIL brings fun things every Wednesday for Wed Nite Dinners....
Sometimes the bags are just as exciting as the stuff inside.....I'm in love with this one....

Need more this......

Found these red/white/blue marshmallows at Wally World...(wish I bought 2-3bags) They make the best smore's!  If you see more let me know...I can't find them ...hopefully close to 4th of July they will come back

Some of that....

he sees me wearing Cole...or Lily wearing her babies....he felt he needed in on the act....He grabbed a man bag and shoved her inside....that'a'boy!

It's time for that...

Bam and like that....it's summer 90+ heat temps and we are breaking out the pools and water hoses.  
Even Mini Me got in on the action....

Waiting for that.....

my thieves kit  is coming tomorrow...I will be stalking the FedEx truck as it drives down the street.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

He Did It Again....

He got another month older.  8/8 is gaining on us.  What is up with him?  Slow down my sweet Pole

10 months and still thinks the word sleep is just a funny word.

The past few weeks he is still waking up 2-3 times a night but instead of being awake for 2 hrs in between fighting me to go back down he is going back down....still waking around 6ish.

I have seen a lot of infomercials lately....too bad I'm not rich...I'd have a ton of crazy cool gadgets 
Cole really needs to realize that if he isn't going to sleep he could at least sleep in...it's summer

Since he's up so early he takes a morning nap earlier and now he is taking an afternoon nap around when Reid does...(Reid takes a 2-3 hr nap at times and sleeps all night from 8-7...get a clue Cole)
I am now getting about 30 mins of quiet time before the chaos starts again

He's actually eats a bit more than before....All self fed though...and hard to find decent things that can accommodate a mouth with 4 teeth that he enjoys (it's slow going)

He's a meat eater....he'll eat any meat!  
Loves blueberries  and strawberries as far as fruit goes...
Veggies...so far just broccoli and carrots

Blueberry pancakes and are fav too 

Grabs the big kids sippy every time you see one laying around....learned how to get the goods inside..

Still the fastest crawler in the West and makes a bee line for the dog's food and water bowls every chance he can get.
Loves trying to get up on the couch....and discovered the stairs open and climbed up a few stairs....
Just started cruising around the furniture or anything else he can pull up on.
Under the table? Favorite place....(think you're looking for extra food)

Started going to Daddy now...you are the earliest one of them all...You will lunge for him when he enters the room.   I even got to go to the grocery store WITHOUT you.  Amazing really!
But you still choose me (bam)

You adore music and will stop and bust a move....you  giggle while watching your older brother and sister wrestle and run...I can see the look on your face...when you are walking you will be joining them.

Bath time is still your favorite.....you HATE when you have to get out.

Diaper changes are now an Olympic event.  I can't keep you still ...no amount of distraction seems to work.  I'd let you go diaperless if I wouldn't have such a mess to clean up!

Wearing 9-12 month clothes and size 4 diapers (prob should be in 3 but I think you fill those up too fast)....no idea on your weight...I'd say around 20lbs.

We think you might be a red head...your hair has this light red tint and your eyes are the coolest green.

We don't vaccinate you like all your siblings and wellness check ups are few b/c well why...You aren't sick that often and stay pretty healthy....You have a check up next month

You still nurse on demand....fantastic booby baby!

I've tried co sleeping with you to try and get a few extras mins or hrs of sleep in the morning...you think my bed is your playground.  I'm not too upset...Lily is still in our bed and one less child is ok with me...that's what pretty comfy cozy cribs are for.

You love being worn...I won a new baby carrier on a blog and it's perfect for hip hold.  Now I can push the other 2 kids in the buggy and wear you.

I get the "wow you have your hands full" often when out and about with y'all. 

My response is usually "yeah I guess"

What I really want to say is "You ain't seen nothing...I got 3 more at home"

You are my favorite 10 month old! 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

My Princesses and The Prince

One of my Princesses...

Miss Thang had her first recital this past weekend....
It was so adorable....this child walks on her tippy toes daily...so being a ballerina was a breeze for her.  The class was made up of 2-4 yr olds....next class they will just have 3-5 yr olds.  We can't wait for the Fall to begin.

My other "princess" is into taking multiple photos of herself with her ipod.  Her older brother likes to ruin her photos....(I have to agree...it's annoying when she has to 'stop' to take a picture) 

Here is my "Prince" destroying her photo shots

....I especially like the photo of him racing in from the background trying to get there in time to ruin another one....he looks like a creature...

He's my "jokester"  ...He does silly things to the other kids things and leaves notes...He has me in stitches...and puuuulease.  He always says he wishes he was an only child.  So not true...he adores torturing the others.

Here is what he did to child #2's bed the other day.  #2 has all of his old stuffed toys shoved in the closet in a box....Child #1 pulled them all out and did this...

(excuse the unmade, sheets hanging on by a corner, seriously messy room.....the boy is a hot mess and a teen who is lazy...it's summer he said....)

Remember this post of dear oldest child...read here

And BTW....from Put It On Your List post....I bought the bug zapper...and it WORKS......Hubs tells me to hush a bunch b/c I squeal with laughter when it zaps the bug....Bam!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Put it on Your List

That's what hubs always says when I say I need or want something.

Put It On Your List...

Here's a few things.....

Tread Climber....

I'd kill for one....it's not like I have time to run down to the front of the neighborhood to use the workout room....But hitting  this bad boy for 30 mins right in my house?  A No Brainer.  This tread climber is on my want/need/nevergonnahappen list.  I tell hubs I would share if he wanted...I'm all about sharing

I need a 22x22 piece of this bad boy to make rolling cookies a breeze. 


Oh you sweet little gem, you would sure help me out.  With 6 kids eating and making crumbs and a dog that really needs to go find another home....I could use this bad boy...
Electric Fly Swatter

Living out here (points)  we have flies galore.  Summers are a pain...we've tried everything, but if the door is open for even a minute they find a way in.  In the mornings when we come downstairs there are a few hanging on the ceiling.  It's like robot flies watching our every move.  I scream "die suckers die" while smacking them dead and the kids mimic me.

Sad really how I tell hubs how many flies I kill a day and I'm excited about it

When I googled a picture to post here this video popped up.  Is this girl mean, but so funny?  Glad I'm not him or her....pay back

Young Living Diffuser

I've been on an Essential Oil kick for a few months...I'm just short of totally obsessed.  The kids are getting good at just sticking their feet in the air for me to rub oils on.  A few friends have come over and smelled terrific things in the air.  What you ask?  OH that would be Thieves.  Not only does the house smell great, but I'm killing 99% of airborne germs in just 12 mins.    I have been cleaning with Thieves too.  No worries of weird scents...it's like cinnamon/cloves.  As for diffusers?
 I need diffusers....one for everyone's room to keep them well during the year.
Want more info on essential oils?  I have a site that if you sign up you can get weekly emails on oils...I set it for every 7 days..... If you don't want emails and just want to visit the site...uncheck the "Yes, add me to you mailing list"  

Screen Door

Again the whole fly issue.  That and I would love to be able to leave the back door open and have a nice breeze blow through during the spring and fall months.  The kids are in the backyard and always leave the door open.  I like to be able to see out.  This would solve all problems


I'm not even sure why I want one.....I love my Stainless Steel Carafe that I've used for years...but the idea of making hot chocolate with it makes me excited

These are just a few....what's on your list?

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