Monday, June 24, 2013

#4, 5, and 6

Daddy was the main man this weekend....

Saturday and Sunday he took #4 and #5 to the pool while mommy and #6 stayed home .....#6 got a much needed morning nap....and me?  Well I got a much needed DO NOTHING kind of rest.  It was bliss and weird b/c it hasn't been that quiet in ...well forever.  Lily quit taking naps before she was 2.  (blech) so nuff said.

Saturday evening #4 was begging to go fishing.  Off she ran for her best dress (what?) and hello kitty boots and pink pole....

We all walked down the the pond at the end of the street and found a perfect shady spot.  There wasn't a hook on her pole...(hello, we learned ages ago she would rather stand there pretending...besides...her and Reid sword fight with them...we don't need someone hooking the other)

I snapped this sweet shot...

The kids seem more interested in finding what trash has come up on the bank then

Off to the swings....where baby and I sat once again in the shade...and daddy pushed the 2 littles high high into the sky....

Miss Thang loves adores her daddy...I love the way she walks over to him and seems to melt into his hip getting rubs on the back and hugs.

#5...was on a war rampage this weekend.  He has some "communication" issues and used his mouth for biting and his hands for hitting.  It was a weekend of "oh no you didn't" with him

Poor Lily's arm...looked like an animal attacked her...but never fear.  I whipped out my Panaway EO and rubbed it on her for the past 2 days....instead of a nasty purple angry's a mild light brown....I love my oils 

#6 has been sleeping better and the same. (huh?)  I think Friday night he went down by 8 and slept until 2am...bam!

Last night though I laid him down at 8pm asleep and 2 seconds later he popped up and was partying like it was 1999.  (If you don't know what that is referring to you are too young...or I'm too old)  He didn't crash again until close to to the parents looking forward to quiet time

It's a work in progress with that boy.  I have changed my night routine with him...I have found that an Epsom Salt bath with my Lavender EO and then some Valor on his spine and feet has been helping.  

Hubs neck was killing him after a long weekend hanging with his peeps and I rubbed some Panaway, Valor, and Peppermint on him....He now thinks I'm the bomb!  (P-sha...I already knew that honey)

Big kids got home from camp and now are in Colorado...wait until I tell you about their camp experience....a mother's job is never done

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