Wednesday, June 12, 2013

He Did It Again....

He got another month older.  8/8 is gaining on us.  What is up with him?  Slow down my sweet Pole

10 months and still thinks the word sleep is just a funny word.

The past few weeks he is still waking up 2-3 times a night but instead of being awake for 2 hrs in between fighting me to go back down he is going back down....still waking around 6ish.

I have seen a lot of infomercials lately....too bad I'm not rich...I'd have a ton of crazy cool gadgets 
Cole really needs to realize that if he isn't going to sleep he could at least sleep's summer

Since he's up so early he takes a morning nap earlier and now he is taking an afternoon nap around when Reid does...(Reid takes a 2-3 hr nap at times and sleeps all night from 8-7...get a clue Cole)
I am now getting about 30 mins of quiet time before the chaos starts again

He's actually eats a bit more than before....All self fed though...and hard to find decent things that can accommodate a mouth with 4 teeth that he enjoys (it's slow going)

He's a meat eater....he'll eat any meat!  
Loves blueberries  and strawberries as far as fruit goes... far just broccoli and carrots

Blueberry pancakes and are fav too 

Grabs the big kids sippy every time you see one laying around....learned how to get the goods inside..

Still the fastest crawler in the West and makes a bee line for the dog's food and water bowls every chance he can get.
Loves trying to get up on the couch....and discovered the stairs open and climbed up a few stairs....
Just started cruising around the furniture or anything else he can pull up on.
Under the table? Favorite place....(think you're looking for extra food)

Started going to Daddy are the earliest one of them all...You will lunge for him when he enters the room.   I even got to go to the grocery store WITHOUT you.  Amazing really!
But you still choose me (bam)

You adore music and will stop and bust a  giggle while watching your older brother and sister wrestle and run...I can see the look on your face...when you are walking you will be joining them.

Bath time is still your HATE when you have to get out.

Diaper changes are now an Olympic event.  I can't keep you still amount of distraction seems to work.  I'd let you go diaperless if I wouldn't have such a mess to clean up!

Wearing 9-12 month clothes and size 4 diapers (prob should be in 3 but I think you fill those up too fast) idea on your weight...I'd say around 20lbs.

We think you might be a red head...your hair has this light red tint and your eyes are the coolest green.

We don't vaccinate you like all your siblings and wellness check ups are few b/c well why...You aren't sick that often and stay pretty healthy....You have a check up next month

You still nurse on demand....fantastic booby baby!

I've tried co sleeping with you to try and get a few extras mins or hrs of sleep in the think my bed is your playground.  I'm not too upset...Lily is still in our bed and one less child is ok with me...that's what pretty comfy cozy cribs are for.

You love being worn...I won a new baby carrier on a blog and it's perfect for hip hold.  Now I can push the other 2 kids in the buggy and wear you.

I get the "wow you have your hands full" often when out and about with y'all. 

My response is usually "yeah I guess"

What I really want to say is "You ain't seen nothing...I got 3 more at home"

You are my favorite 10 month old! 


Amber said...

He's getting so big! Sweet lil' baby!

Amy said...

I just love the idea of monthly updates on the baby! I may need to steal this idea:) your little one is so adorable (even with the lack of sleep he may be causing :) )

Dana said...

Oh my goodness he is just too cute! I can't believe how big he has gotten!!! Love seeing your pics! I hope you and the family are doing well!

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