Monday, June 3, 2013

Put it on Your List

That's what hubs always says when I say I need or want something.

Put It On Your List...

Here's a few things.....

Tread Climber....

I'd kill for's not like I have time to run down to the front of the neighborhood to use the workout room....But hitting  this bad boy for 30 mins right in my house?  A No Brainer.  This tread climber is on my want/need/nevergonnahappen list.  I tell hubs I would share if he wanted...I'm all about sharing

I need a 22x22 piece of this bad boy to make rolling cookies a breeze. 


Oh you sweet little gem, you would sure help me out.  With 6 kids eating and making crumbs and a dog that really needs to go find another home....I could use this bad boy...
Electric Fly Swatter

Living out here (points)  we have flies galore.  Summers are a pain...we've tried everything, but if the door is open for even a minute they find a way in.  In the mornings when we come downstairs there are a few hanging on the ceiling.  It's like robot flies watching our every move.  I scream "die suckers die" while smacking them dead and the kids mimic me.

Sad really how I tell hubs how many flies I kill a day and I'm excited about it

When I googled a picture to post here this video popped up.  Is this girl mean, but so funny?  Glad I'm not him or back

Young Living Diffuser

I've been on an Essential Oil kick for a few months...I'm just short of totally obsessed.  The kids are getting good at just sticking their feet in the air for me to rub oils on.  A few friends have come over and smelled terrific things in the air.  What you ask?  OH that would be Thieves.  Not only does the house smell great, but I'm killing 99% of airborne germs in just 12 mins.    I have been cleaning with Thieves too.  No worries of weird's like cinnamon/cloves.  As for diffusers?
 I need for everyone's room to keep them well during the year.
Want more info on essential oils?  I have a site that if you sign up you can get weekly emails on oils...I set it for every 7 days..... If you don't want emails and just want to visit the site...uncheck the "Yes, add me to you mailing list"  

Screen Door

Again the whole fly issue.  That and I would love to be able to leave the back door open and have a nice breeze blow through during the spring and fall months.  The kids are in the backyard and always leave the door open.  I like to be able to see out.  This would solve all problems


I'm not even sure why I want one.....I love my Stainless Steel Carafe that I've used for years...but the idea of making hot chocolate with it makes me excited

These are just a few....what's on your list?

1 comment:

Jenn-Neal said...

that girl in the video is evil!
I want several of the things on your wish list too. Including that awesome bug zapper.

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