Monday, July 15, 2013

11 Months Down ...1 More to Go

Monday last week (7/8) sweet boy turned 11 months

I'm shocked.  11 months has by and here he is getting to be such a big boy

About Cole:

Still a HORRIBLE sleeper
He takes maybe 2 naps a day (total nap time for the day 1-2.5 hrs)
At night he's ready by about 7:30 or 8 and goes down like a dream
His problem is he can't stay that way.  It varies each day...never the same...Sometimes he's up every hr after that until midnight and then will wake every 2 hrs
Sometimes he wakes every 2-3 hrs and is awake for 1 hr fighting sleep
On a rare occasion once a month he will sleep 5 hrs straight. 
Then wakes around 6ish and I try to force him back to sleep in my bed co-sleeping.  It's a work in progress

Did I mention I'm exhausted?  As much as I'm ready for these days behind me I'm not ready for my baby to be bigger than he is now.  I love my baby

Eating Better
Finally interested in's finding the food he likes that is a problem
So far he likes all meat things...esp steak (at'aboy)
Loves strawberries, blueberries, blackberries,
He is now willing to try anything once...he usually squishes it in his hand and then throws it

Loving the sippy
Even though he has yet to get liquids that way...he will find his siblings lying around and drink whatever is in theirs

Moving and Shaking
He just recently (2 weekends ago) starting standing unassisted.  I'm hoping he is walking by his first birthday
I had to stalk him for a bit to finally capture it on camera  

Speed crawler like any baby.  
Esp loves any open door or cabinet that he isn't allowed in. 
Don't get me started with bathroom doors left open and toilets..(gross)
squeals with laughter when makes it to the dog food and water before I can (again more messes)
loves pushing cars on the floor (mimics big brother)

You are constantly being tortured by your older bro and sis and love it


this would be when they kept pouring water over your head while playing didn't seem to mind (notice hair and puddle in front of you)

this would be when playing they stick things on your back to be funny...

Another favorite of you and how much you love love love eating your brothers head.  I don't know what it is about heads and your mouth!  (take after your brother)


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Amber said...

Okay, that last pic is entirely too precious!

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