Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Get Tee'd Off....

My father in Laws birthday was last week....and he loves my cookies. 

Win Win

You know me and my love of cookies.....(or baking) I just had to create a batch just for him.  

He's a Golf I googled images to find something to make that I could actually do.  
I've realized that in my cookie creation adventure I am not an artist and this is def something you sort of need a gift of the creative bug

I found a few and KNEW I couldn't do that....but then found a few I could. 

Here's what I came up with....49 cookies (there were 50 but I ate one)

(sorry used my phone for photos)

One of them was supposed to be golf clubs...came out looking more like bats and glove and mitt.  Wrong sport.

They turned out better in my ever have that problem?  I wish I could just live in my head all the time...The weather is always beautiful and I have a super clean kids NEVER fight and I am a perfect size 6

I used my homemade vanilla (granted it's the only one I have now) and my vanilla bean sugar.

Want to make your own sugar?  It's simple

To make a small batch?  

Grab about 2 cups of sugar
2 vanilla beans
I buy my beans from Vanilla Products USA  ...I have purchased about 3 times and have been completely happy

I like to split my beans and scrap the seeds directly in the sugar.  Then I  take my (clean) fingers and rub the beans all through my sugar until all chunks have been broken up. 
Just sit back and rub rub rub and smell smell smell...such a pretty thing
Then I toss in the pods and let it sit (I'll shake from time to time)

I like to keep a big batch for baking and a small batch for small treats for sprinkling or coffee

This sugar was freshly made so the color is still a few weeks it's tints a pale brown....mmmmmmmm so good! 

My homemade vanilla is made with the good stuff....I used Crown.....I haven't tried vodka yet because I am pretty happy with mine...the flavour is perfect...I keep topping off the vanilla when I use it and I've added a few extras beans. 

I need to order a few cute bottles for sharing with friends...

Happy Wednesday!

1 comment:

Angie said...

I'll take 3 dozen please! These rock. You are amazing. I bet they taste amazing too. Any time you need a taste tester, just let me know! ;)

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