Monday, July 1, 2013

I'm a Zombie...Brains.............

Here's how it goes...

Cole is a horrible sleeper...(but he sure is adorable)

Example of last night..

Went to Toys R Us last night looking for outdoor sandbox for the kids.  Showed online they had 3 in stock...Drive out there with the kids and hubs....get there...they showed 3 in stock on their handheld device thingy...WE WAIT AND WE WAIT AND WAIT.....

Only to be told they can't find them. 


So driving home sweet Cole takes a nap at around 6:30.  Not good...since  this child needs a good 3 hrs of awake time before going to bed.   There goes the 7:45 pm bedtime for him....(boo to mommy and daddy quiet time when kids are in bed)

I rock and nurse him and finally he drifts off to dreamland about 9pm

Now let the fun begin.

The child is almost 11 months and won't sleep through the night.  He's up about every 2-3 hrs still....but he's not awake really.

How did it go last night...?

He's crazy I tell you

Last night he woke up at 11pm and was up for a hr....KEEP IN MIND HE'S NOT AWAKE... just refuses to be put in the crib. 

I nurse him for 10 mins and then laid him down...he pops up...but he's asleep and I try to force him back down and rub his back, but he screams...
the min I pick him up he passes back out (I guess being in my arms is nirvana) ...I will admit he is extremely cute and I kiss his sweet face over and over inhaling his scent!

I wait 10 mins standing there rocking him in my arms by his crib....and lay him down again...only to start process all over...pick up rock for 10 mins...lay down...until FINALLY HE JUST STAYS DOWN. 

He's killing me.... I'm so exhausted though ...but problem is it takes me about 15 mins to drift back to sleep myself.  I'm losing valuable sleepy time here.

Then he's up again at 3am-4am and then up at 6:15...

This is when I TRY  to get him to cosleep and nurse...instead he fills his belly and then tries to crawl to the edge of the bed and jump off...I then hold onto his leg while trying to sleep (which never works)

He then crawls over to my face and pinches my nose as hard as he can and tries to stick his fingers in my nostrils.  

I guess I spend more time fighting him off my face or saving him from leaping from the bed than actually sleeping.

I wave the white surrender flag and we start our day.

Don't suggest crying it out...we don't do that....besides his crib is in our room and our bed already has 1 child in it....don't need the crying noise.
(joys of big family)

I dread nighttime.  I'm ready for just 5 hrs of straight sleep for myself


If he wasn't so darn sweet I'd have traded him in already


Jenn-Neal said...

I had a similar "non-sleeper" for a while. Putting a box fan in his room for white noise made all the difference. He has slept through the night ever since we put a fan in his room. It is so critical that we take it with us when we travel.

LeAnna said...

Ahhhhhhh! I foresee my little B being like this. He's a turkey at night. He sleeps best from about 8:30-2:30 an then it's anyones guess at how much he'll be up from then on. Pass the coffee.
P.S. Mr Pole is a cutie

Baby Bug and just a little Wit said...

I hope it gets better for you. My three year old still gets up at night. Since he's older he gets up quietly, turns on all the lights, gets in to the fridge or freezer, plays in his sisters room and then hours later if I haven't woken up amd caught him he crawls in bed with me.

Baby Bug and just a little Wit said...
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