Thursday, July 11, 2013

You Smell...

My nose came to life so to speak after I got pregnant with my first sweet baby (17 yrs ago...whew that sounds like a long time)

I don't remember having a sensitive nose until that moment...but I could walk into a room and smell what was in there...sometimes I can smell it before I even get into the room .....I got my spidey senses so to speak.

I remember holding my baby for the first time and smelling him...he has a distinct scent to baby smell mixed with his own...

Baby #2 came along....totally different scent.  I now can distinguish between the 2 in a blind smell test.

And so the smells go with all 6 of my babies.

Each is unique and different and perfectly perfect.  (except when they are dirty..blech)

6 kids later my whiffer is super sensitive though and it can be a problem.

I have a difficult time walking near seafood or even eating it.  That smell used to not bother me...Now I feel like it has been multiplied by a million and makes it difficult to not choke down a gag.  I'm sure I look totally insane as I turn every shades of green (puke) and blue (holding breath) as I walk as fast as I can past the fish counter at the grocery store.

I now can't wear certain lotions or perfumes...the scents drive me up a wall......

A few months back my sweet friend Brandy over at Sunfire Creative sent us a box of boy clothes and the minute I opened the box the scent won me over.....I couldn't quit smelling the clothes...
I'm so sure she thought I was a total freak when I started txting her and said the clothes arrived and I had to know what detergent she uses b/c I NEEDED MY CLOTHES TO SMELL LIKE THAT.

If the dog has had an accident on the rug....I can smell it before I even walk downstairs.  Hubs tells me I can't possibly know...but sure enough there it is on the rug.  (loathe the dog)

I love holding Cole...especially when he is asleep...I can just sit there kissing...cuddling...and smelling him.  I literally inhale him.....

My oldest has ZERO sense of smell.  Sad huh?  I  never really knew this until he got older.  I would say that smells good...he would respond..."dunno"  ...always just thought he was being a kid or a boy or just not really wanting to give me a straight answer...UNTIL one day I got to thinking....why does he keep saying that.  I realized HE REALLY DIDN'T KNOW

We googled it....

is the inability to perceive odor, or in other words a lack of functioning olfaction.

 How I have this over powering sense of smell and my oldest has had zero his whole life.  We joke and say he will be the one to change his kids diapers one day....or at least he will be able to room in the dorms with a bunch of smelly guys.  But honestly no sense of smell could be a problem.  Not being able to detect a gas leak...or smoke of a fire.....or enjoy the beauty of a flower or your sweet newborn baby.
I also always wonder if it messes with his sense of taste.  He said it doesn't, but HOW would he know.  I think that is a reason he is partial to Sour things..maybe that taste stands out more than others.  

 Child #5 has a smelling and licking issues.  He loves to smell everything ...esp his little brother's head.  I will know #5 has been around #6 when I see #6's head with food stuck in it.  His brother must have been there smelling and licking.  Every morning he needs to "smell Pole" head and then it's like he can start his day

 Point of this story?  We all have issues...I guess we have more than others huh?

I've started using Young Living Essential Oils and I got worried the smells would be too strong and give me a headache.  Since they are pure therapeutic (meaning first press and the most perfect purest oil there is) I knew nothing else would be added to them and maybe the scent wouldn't bother me so badly.

I was right.. 

The Lavender was the true bought lavender things give me a headache.  More like a pepper strong fake smell.  Young Living's?  Pure perfection.  I could bathe in the stuff (and we do with our epsom salts haha)



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Prolifegirly said...

Hi Laura-It's me Samantha, your neighbor. In fact I'm watching you right now with my binoculars. lol.
I am interested in checking out your oils sometime. My skin is pretty sensitive, as is my sense of smell (I hate vanilla/coconut scented things..) Let me know how the stuff works on stretch marks; my genes did not allow for any skin elasticity!

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