Friday, August 30, 2013

5 Foods for your Broods

Meal planning is always on my mind with a family of 8.  (2 of those are teen boys who eat me out of house and home) 

I have now realized "friends" of these boys can drop by as soon as the timer has sounded on my oven, so I truly need hardy meals and plenty of it.

I found this recipe at Pillsbury last week and got a green light.  I'm going to need to tweak it a bit ...the "filling" could have been a bit wetter...and maybe extra salt and pepper.  I also only doubled the recipe and next time will triple so as to have the 'cups' overflowing with goodness

{recipe found here}

I got a free preview issue of Paula Deen this week and was tickled pink when I saw a 5 day menu and 6 super soups and apple desserts inside!  Great Sept/Oct issue

What was super about the 5 day Planner was they gave you a full page shopping list (hello easy) and tips and recipes for sides.  I love when people do all the work for me.

Here is a recipe that my family is screaming for...(sorry quality ...tried to take with my phone)


and one I was screaming for b/c it look simple...I like simple when cooking for a crowd


I'm also a fan of black refried beans......I'm excited to try

Under the 6 Super Soups....


Last but not least.....


Fish and Chips with Coleslaw

I'm a sucker for a good Fish and Chips  and Malt Vinegar

SO there you go...maybe I helped you meal plan for your next week or week after.

I love swapping recipes....please feel free to send your blog my way with menus galore!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Some Firsts

My babies had school yesterday...

I didn't cry like I thought I would when the oldest went off to his LAST FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL.

I think I was too caught up in all the washing and vacuuming and L word precautions.  (Did I mention I'm sick of cleaning?)

My baby is also celebrating his birthday today....
17 yrs ago today I became a Mom and have loved every minute of it.  I guess I must have since I did it 5 more times. 

Here is his first Birthday...chocolate cake and all...(awww the digital dates printed on photos you had to take to the store to get developed!)

This is the happiest child in the world.  I don't think he ever frowned or cried often.  He was a terrific sleeper....happy to ride in the car for long periods...Loved people and people loved him....
He rocked then and still rocks today.  
 If only I had known the Toy Story phase would still be in our house today I would have saved EVERYTHING
This costume was worn in the heat of August where ever we went.  Poor thing would be sweating, but refused to take it off  .He was Buzz....  We used to get tons of giggles grocery shopping or running errands....makes my heart happy to see this all these years later.

Now sweet child is a Senior...seems like yesterday that I remember my Senior year....don't I look like a baby...

Grayson said..."Nice Perm"  ...sadly son that's my natural curls....I straighten my hair everyday.... (sad he didn't know that huh?)

So the kids started school and I actually got to take photos of all of them....

 (friends dropping by)

Then off for Senior Breakfast

He kept asking me "WHY WHY WHY do you do this..."  (as if I am embarrassing him or something right!? ha)
I assure him one day he will love looking back at these's all they will be....

These 3 are the best of friends....I love having them in my house daily!!!

Child #2 actually let me snap a photo....he has that..."haha you are insane" smirk on his face... glad he dresses up for school (not)  One day I assume he will care right?!

Sweet Mini Me wearing the cardi I will steal (after I drop 20 lbs)  I love that my daughter is wearing adult sizes...(granted size xs) but I have hope I can squeeze into something one day...this cool cardi is first on my list of things I steal borrow one day

Happy School Year and Happy Birthday Sweet Kid!

Monday, August 26, 2013

How I've Survived The Past 7 Days With the L Word

The ugly L word. 
The word that inflicts itching by just the word


(did you start itching?)

For the past 7 days I have been in super panic deep cleaning mode. 

7 days so far....7 days I tell you

7 days of back breaking, sweating dirty work....

It ain't been easy...that's for sure

Thank goodness we have 2 sets of washers and dryers....they have been running full steam since last Monday...

Week before last.... we knew the girls were complaining of itching...but in a family our size and the boys having itchy flaky scalps I sort of IGNORED the girls complaining and just got out the dandruff shampoo

SOMETHING made me think to just check #4's head after bathtime Sunday night...

I think screams could be heard 4 counties over. 

Then I realized screaming bugs bugs bugs while your 4 yr old is standing there knowing it's her head you were talking about probably isn't a good thing

I looked on the computer of what we needed to do...I mean HECK FIRE I made it 39 years without having to deal with this mess

Google images really isn't a good friend either...

All I knew is I had a journey ahead of me.

I noticed there was a company that would come to the house asap.  I knew it wouldn't be cheap, but with a family our size I needed help.

Sweet Robin came out Monday morning and brought her gear and calm sweet nurturing attitude.

She eased my fears and told me exactly what we were going to do and how I need to treat the house

That Lice (the L word)  were like super bugs to the store bought shampoo's (DON'T BUY THEM) and not only that they have been linked to cancer.

You know me and my non vaccines and lover of essential oils..I perked right up about how we were going to tackle this.

First things first...quarantine or bag and bag and wash...take your poison of the things you want to do with all that you have been in contact with....

Started washing all bedding and then we stored them in a space in the garage (clean and store)

Then we picked bedding to use and just stuck with those for 7 days washing after each use

Vacuumed all furniture and carpets and rugs and mattresses.  I did this for 4 days b/c I was freaked out so badly

Got new pillows out of the closets (with a family of 8 and an obsession with pillows these came in handy)

We then covered those with towels each night and washed them each day.

Clothes?  Washed everything worn and put out and in piles and then stored in plastic buckets...Pulled from bucket and washed after wearing and put back in buckets

Toys...put away

Brushes thrown away (I couldn't help it) and cleaned all drawers and floorboards 

I had forgotten the bath mats in the master bathroom and hubs reminded me.  I then freaked b/c I had let the baby play in my bathroom Tuesday while I showered.  When I say freaked I mean CRY SOB PANIC SHAKE CRY basically I was hysterical thinking that all the cleaning I had done was probably wasted b/c I forgot the bath mats.

How did we treat our hair?  

While Robin was here she started with #3 (who by the way brought them home from the New York hotels  another reason I am not a fan of NY)  anywho....#3 had them about 3 weeks  ( I trusted Robin...the girl does this for a living)  She worked over a hr on #3's head and said she got about 98% of them.  I personally wanted all 100% of them.....
We slathered the head with Olive Oil....divided into sections and combed each section forever wiping each time...combed until section was clean.
We moved on to #4 and she too was covered. 

Now before you think how did you NOT KNOW...understand the nymphs are tiny tiny tiny suckers and on dark hair it's really hard to tell.  When you wipe the comb use a white wet paper towel folded into sections...when you wipe you can see the tiny black suckers.  

I looked at the clock and told poor Robin she was going to have to pack up...being paid by the hr and 3 hrs later I had all I could afford.  She begged me to do my hair.

I looked at her like she was crazy...I DON'T  HAVE IT I said

She said ..."Let's do 3 sections and if it's clean great" 

I sit there in the chair like "whatever...."

1st section and 2 combs into my hair...bam


My mind is racing....

I used #4's brush....#2 uses my towel in the bathroom and I co sleep with #6

#6 barely has hair and he had 3 little nymphs.  #5 had about the same.....

We oiled and combed and got them all

(Later that night hubs and I shaved their heads)

#2 was covered also like the others....

Hubs and #1 escaped the wrath.  LUCKY

So our routine is this

COVER HEAD IN OLIVE OIL FOR MINIMUM 8 HOURS (lice hold their breath for 6 hrs)
comb hair looking for anything and wiping on wet paper towel

put more Oil in before bed and sleep in cap.  Object smother any existing nymphs and Lice  if any left
You are hoping to have combed all eggs out 

(if you are grossed out you are not alone)

Next morning ...more oil...comb anything out and shower
Before bed...more oil to sleep in


In a family this size it took me hrs each day to do this...on top of deep heavy vacuuming and washing I don't have time for anything.

(We averaged 10 loads of laundry or more a day...I hate to see our water bill)

We have been nit free since Tuesday, but I will continue keeping us that way

(My hair has never been more moisturized though and the kids with dry scalp don't anymore..bam)

Week 2 we will continue the oil hair treatment to every other day.

Week 3 check twice

As for cleaning...I will switch out sheets daily for 1 month...(I did say I'm in panic mode)
No stuffed animals will be touched for a month...(even though I've washed)

All I can think of what if I missed a spot on the couches....what if one egg is left...and it waits to hatch right when we sit down. 

I'm so exhausted....I've vacuumed the couches 4 times what if I needed to do it 5 times....was 4 enough?  
I've been confined to the house...lunches have been weak...Dinners are not up to my normal fun standards....I had planned on baking special cookies for the first day of school  (WHICH IS TODAY)

NOTHING but cleaning and washing and oily has been going on

I can't stand the sight of Olive Oil or the smell of it before bed

So now you know where I have been for 7 days....
And where you will find me another 7 days....

In between oiling our hair we are slathered in Tea Tree oil 
It's now in all our shampoos too. (thank you Paul Mitchell) 
We will keep this gone

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My Lousey Houseguest...

HELLO I'M HERE..............

Sorry I've got a house guest that showed up unexpected....Will write more later....Obviously his stay isn't welcome with a family this size.....Talk soon, guests can be such a PEST

Friday, August 16, 2013

Foto Friday...and Fideo Too

I'm getting depressed with the days speeding as fast as they are.

My oldest is going to be a Senior and turns 17 in a few weeks.
He just had his Senior photos taken and I may or may not have been a nervous wreck inside.  I swear I can remember getting my photos taken like it was yesterday...(it wasn't right?)

(here we are at his session)

Summer is coming to an end and school starts soon

I always scratch my head when I hear parents say they can't wait for school to start.

Don't they like their kids?

Don't like like seeing them each and every day?

I met a neighbor the other day...she was telling me the ages of her kids (mind you they were with her) and said "child #__ just missed the cut off for kinder this year...sadly I'm stuck with him for another year...."

ummmmm hello?  He's standing right there...not  only that but she also had a 3 yr old at home all day.  So I guess she's STUCK WITH HIM TOO huh!

Or the mom's who shove them off at preschool because they want 'alone' time to sit around the house and do nothing

You do know one day they grow up and leave home one day right?  You can have alone time then...
Now be a mommy and a parent and nurture them

Oh wow...I got off on another topic

POINT OF THE STORY?  I'm not ready for school to start!

I love hanging with my kids...I love talking with my kids.....I love my kids

As a mom of 6 kids....yes they can be loud and annoying...but I love them all the same!

Yesterday daddy was popping over the fence and making the boys giggle....Cole just started really walking and I got cracked up at him seeing daddy....
(excuse my crazy voice and giggles)

Cole and his birthday cookie and more...

Little Miss and getting a squirt? (we all do it you know) 

And then the lovely photo Little Miss drew for me because she was mad at me?  Why?  No idea...but I'm banned evidently 

And my favorite....Daddy and his sidekick mowing the grass

Or how we ROLL before bedtime

(I love how he took a break to play)

Slow down summer...I'm missing you already!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Breast Issues and Essential Oils

We are not AGAINST antibiotics, but if we can fix a problem naturally then we like to try it
We just feel antibiotics/prescriptions are over used these days...and I don't know about you...but when I watch the television and the commercial is 1 min long and 45 seconds of it are side effects ..makes you wonder huh?
Essential Oils don't have those side effects.....

Tuesday night before I went to bed I realized my breast felt tender and read about putting lavender on I did

I woke up around 2 am shivering and teeth chattering so bad I swear I thought I was going to break my teeth. I was also burning up and my breast was now killing me...
I went and rubbed thieves w/coconut oil on my breast and took a capsule with 3 drops of thieves and rubbed peppermint on my feet and went to bed (was finally able to fall back to sleep)

Woke up still fever and now felt like I had the flu...with 6 kids 3 of which are 4 and under I knew I wasn't getting rest...

Rubbed more thieves on my feet
Rubbed lavender and citrus fresh on the breast area
and took a capsule of thieves and frankincense (did this every 1hr)

Every hr I rubbed either frank or lav/citrus fresh or thieves on my breast. (rotated the 3 combos)

A friend told me about lecithin and said to take 1200mg 3 x a day I did this too

By 2pm my fever was gone!!!
By 5 pm my aches and flu like symptoms gone...I was just really tired with my breast still hurting and redness.

I kept rotating the diff oils on my breast until I went to bed
(of course I was nursing a lot on that side too...ouch)

Woke up this morning with zero flu like symptoms
Pain slightly there...I can touch it w/o bringing tears to my eyes
still pinkish on the area, but not red like yesterday.
When I nursed during the night and this morning, it didn't feel like fire, but almost normal.

Overall I feel so much better

DEEP RELIEF ROLL ON is also my new best friend...had horrible tension headaches and neck soreness yesterday and this kept me from dying

I will continue to rotate oils on my breast and take some thieves in capsule today
and the lecithin I will continue for a few weeks

Thanks to my friends praying for me too.....I'm so blessed to have y'all!!
 *Disclaimer: This information is for educational purposes only, and is not intended to prescribe, treat, prevent, or diagnose any disease or condition

Monday, August 12, 2013

Conversation Between a Hubs and His Wife

Have you ever had this talk with your man?

I do every Sunday...I am weak I admit it

But I blame him.  He was craving a Buttermilk Pie last week... so I made not one, but 2.  The recipe called for 2 pies....THEY WERE HORRIBLE.  

We didn't eat but a piece and got rid of them.  (Ok we gave one to the inlaws....they were kind enough to say they liked it)

So my MIL said she had a friend that made a terrific one....I txt the friend and she sent the recipe

Again it made 2 pies

(what is up with Buttermilk Pies recipe making 2?....Must be a Southern Thing)

I think if I had actually started my diet on a Monday I would either be 8 months into my diet or be down that 20 lbs I keep saying I need to drop

Or if I wouldn't bake pies and actually eat them I would be ok too


Since I did bake it...and I did eat it ...and because THIS RECIPE WAS OUTSTANDING ...I thought it only fair to share it with you!

Buttermilk Pie (makes 2)


3 1/2 cups sugar
1 cup flour
1 1/4 sticks unsalted butter
6 eggs
2 cups buttermilk
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/2 cup fresh blueberries, lightly tossed with 2 teaspoons of flour(divided use)
2 uncooked pie crusts, frozen or homemade (if frozen allow to thaw before filling)


Preheat  oven 350 and place  rack in oven in the middle

In a large mixing bowl, mix together the flour and the sugar. Set aside.

Melt the butter and pour over the flour-sugar mixture. Whisk until totally incorporated.

Add eggs 1 at a time, allowing each addition to become incorporated before adding next

Add the buttermilk and vanilla. Mix again. Set aside until pie shells are prepared.

Sprinkle the bottom of each pie crust with 1/4 cup of flour dusted blueberries

Evenly distribute the buttermilk filling between two pie shells. Once filled take spoon and push blueberries back down in filling

Put the pies on middle rack of oven. Bake for 25 minutes and rotate. Bake for 10 to 20 minutes or until the top is golden brown and pie is set. ( I had to put foil circle around crust edge because it was getting to brown). 
Remove and let cool on rack. If baking ahead of time, once cooled, refrigerated until ready to serve. You can remove pie from refrigerator an hour before serving.

Note: substitute other fruit if you like, or leave out fruit all together   *we left fruit out and topped it with blueberry pie filling...bam!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

365 Days Ago...Now He's One

After y'all went to bed tonight I had this crazy notice to put a video together.  I really need to plan these things out better since I wasn't prepared...

Next year I'll be on top of my game

As I laid him down to sleep tonight, tears ran down my cheeks. My baby is turning one. When I wake up around 5 am he will be one years old. 

Sweet boy this year flew faster than I can tell you 
 One minute we were finding out I was thing I am baking birthday cookies for you

You took your first steps on Monday...2 days before your birthday...crazy kid!

Can't wait to see how the rest of your life plays out!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Let's Talk About Poop....(go on keep reading)

We all do it....So don't shy away from the topic

If you have preschool aged kids in your house (ok even teens) the bathroom jokes are in full force.

Knock Knock

Who's there?

Poo Poo eat it

That's how they go in my house....not only do they not get how to do the knock knock joke ...but it's gross.

Whole point of potty joke though huh?

Well speaking of that potty...

Having a family with 6 kids.....and 2 adults...well that's a lot of pooing

Oh stop....we all do it....At least you should...if not, I bet you are feeling pretty backed up about right now...

No worries....I've got you covered for when the time happens...

Poo Poo Pourri 

Now before you get all emotional and leave my page...hear me out

Most can't go anywhere but at home....I know my big kids would hold it all day at school and run for the bathroom as soon as they were home.

I had a friend who could go anywhere though...

I once asked her "How do you do it...aren't you embarrassed someone will you know...hear or 'smell' you in there?"  Her response...."hey when you gotta go you gotta go"....and here's what she did to help with the stink (Hi Kim)

She would take a book of matches and light them and drop in the toilet.  hahaha I loved that idea but it's hard to find match books at restaurants anymore

Then I found another solution!

Essential oils used for Toilet smells (was that better?...I was gonna say poop smells)

I stumbled upon this on recipe on Pinterest ages ago...BEFORE MY LOVE OF EO'S

I had no idea what those oils were or why you would put them in a spray bottle....

So here you go.....

Grab a spray bottle filled with water (8oz) and some oils and meet me in the bathroom...

After making this I realized Purification helps kill odors so I added 10 drops of that to the water too.  Couldn't hurt

Add 10 drops each of Grapefruit, Tea Tree (I didn't have bergamot), and Lemongrass (add the purification too) to the 8oz of water and shake up.

All you need to do is shake and spray 3-5 sprays (I guess more if you think you might blow that sucker out of the water) and then do your "doo-dy"

The oils like to sit on top of the water thus creating this pretty smelling barrier for your 'friends' as they fall to their death in the water.

You know you want to try it now.....

Thinking Christmas gifts aren't you.  They may laugh, but I bet they are dying to try it!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Getting Your Oil on...It's Water Time

You can call me what you want but I think I'm lucky.

It all started with me searching for ways to help me manage my opening my eyes to the world of sweet smelling goodness.

One great use I found for these oil is in my water....

I'm trying to cut back on sodas and artificial drinks like Crystal Light during the day 

I've been adding either Grapefruit oil or My FAVORITE Citrus Fresh to my daily water

Adding YLEO's to your drinking water not only adds a nice splash of aroma… it also adds flavor to the basically boring 'water'! But these aren't the most beneficial aspects of adding essential oils to your water. The real value comes with the fact that most of Young Living's Essential Oils are high in antioxidants, and many are also energizing (hello mom of 6)  and uplifting!  (Don't use those store bought essential can't put those in your body...but you YL you can)

1.  Always use GLASS – use a glass or glass water bottle for your drinking water. Some essential oils will leach out the petro-chemicals in plastic vessels. 
2. Young Living Essential Oils - I only recommend YLEO's for ingestion. Please only use therapuetic grade essential oils. Any other grades can be hazardous. 
3.  A little goes a long way – I use 3 – 4 drops of essential oil per my 19 oz. glass bottle  
4.  Get the most out of your oils – I always shake my bottle to distribute the oils before drinking. I also use the same glass or bottle over and over as some of the oils will cling to the sides of the glass and I hate to wash away those precious oils!

I wanted some cute bottles that were not pricey....I found these bottles filled with bubbly pop at Market Street for $6
We bought about 5 of them so the family can share...
We just peeled the label off and then rubbed some Lemon Oil to get the sticky off
(another great thing about Lemon EO)

Now I have tons of those cute bottles at a fraction of the cost sold in stores.

What's your Favorite Flavor?

Friday, August 2, 2013

I'm a Know It All...Not!

I was one of those...

The parent that didn't get the Co Sleeping parents.

I admit...I turned my noses up at you...I may have talked about you behind your back to my husband...

You know all self righteous like..."Did you hear that Mary co sleeps...The master bedroom is for room for kids...I mean that child will never learn to sleep on it's's just lazy parenting"

Ok I don't truly know what the conversation was...but that was pretty much the jest of it.

And yes I had 3 kids already....

I always felt that I could give my 2 cents in on things like this...because after all in our minds when we become a parent no matter what our child's age (even in the middle of labor with our first)  We are the expert.

Back when I had just 2 kids my friend Margaret (waves hello) had 2 kids also...ours were about the same age.  My kids were in bed by 7:45....I was downstairs by 8 enjoying my quiet evening...Poor Margaret was up until after 11 sometimes with her kids trying to get them into bed.  I just couldn't understand that.  I would tell her to get a schedule and keep it and force it....after a few weeks the kids would finally go to bed.  (I mean after all I gave birth I should know right?  Expert level here)  She would try and it wouldn't work.  I couldn't figure out what she was doing wrong.  (again that need to fix ppl b/c I have all the answers..I'm the expert)  Chokes....

First 3 kids slept through the night by 4 months.....and slept in their bed.  They took naps and didn't come out until I got them and at night were in bed by 8pm.  I could take them out to eat and they didn't run around ...We could go shopping and they rode in buggies or walked next to me.  You could take long car trips...talking 10 hrs or more....Life was easy
See I was the pro.  I got this.


She wasn't like the others...she refused naps.  (shock)  She refused buggies...eating out was never an option.  She hated the car.  Like HATED THE CAR.  She wasn't a schedule person.  The more I forced her the worse it was.  I refused to give an inch and so did she.  I didn't want to lose...I mean if I did this 3 times before I am an expert right?  I have it all down to a science right?  


She shredded every book I ever had and rewrote new pages.

I felt like a failure.


When she was 10 months I caved and put her in bed with us.

She hours ...nursed and slept again

I was a new woman

I remember thinking I needed to let go of my schedules and bedtime and cribs and let her do what she needed to be happy...because I sure wasn't

All those self righteous times came flooding back to me and I felt like a heel.  Some friend I was.

Here my baby might not nap at all during the day...or if she did it was when she wanted...and she might not sleep in her bed...but she's sleeping now.... life is happy again.

#5 comes along and I was a nervous wreck thinking how will we put 2 kids in bed with us....we lost all our bed to begin with ....

But he fell in the footsteps of #1-3

I got my mommy card back.

#6 comes along...and in the beginning I thought he would beat out #1-3 because he would get sleepy and want in his crib and put himself to sleep....He was in the newborn puppy stage where all looked good...This happy stage only lasted a month.

Then he turned into #4's rival.  It was like he needed to out beat her in the sleeping category.

It's ok ....Now I really was an expert.  I just let it go and let him set the pace.

(or will he)

After all ....#4 was still in our bed.  We are out of more....

Out hubs goes...and in more kids

I held off putting him in our bed as long as I could

I ended up making a Princess Bed in #5's room (my good sleeper) and now #4 is thrilled. 
The past week they have been sharing and it was easier than I thought.

Now around 3-5am when #6 won't fall back to sleep on his own I plop him in my bed.  The first few nights he thought it was play land.  I mean huge soft bed...his favorite girl next to him..


I was not amused ...I thought this is not what is supposed to happen...he's supposed to sleep

A week later?  The minute his head hits my bed...he curls his hand under my body and OFF TO DREAM LAND HE GOES

I might be in the worst sleeping position ever, but his sleep is worth it!  HE SLEEPS LIKE A PRINCE

I was staring at him this morning.  The picture of peace..... wondering why I was so against this...

This idea of co sleeping?

This idea of bliss and happiness and comfort?

This idea of giving your child a sense of peace and joy as he sleeps....#6 must smile a million times while he is next to me in bed.

This idea that they will NEVER want to leave your bed was insane....#4 went willingly.  She was ready for something new.  

They won't always sleep curled up by your side....#1 is proof of that...he's a senior this year...I can't imagine him jumping in bed with us (gross...besides he's a smelly boy who sleeps in a ball under a million blankets)

So I converted 5 years ago and I will never look back

I have to eat all my pages and pages and pages of words to all the parents I thought I could 'fix' with my expert ways

They knew I do too

I wouldn't change my co sleeping days for anything!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

It's All About the Box...

It's no surprise my love for the monthly club 

Citrus Lane

When I find something I like to talk about it.  I like to talk ....ask my hubs...

I think we have subscribed for about 5-6 months now...(I've lost count) and can honestly say I was disappointed in only one of those months....

They sent a "beach" package...with a hat that didn't fit Cole...and a shovel w/o a pail.  Reid's box was quite full...nice floppy hat with room to grow and lots of toys etc....I just felt the dropped the ball though and I read reviews from other parents too and wasn't alone.

But they were back on their game with July's box.

I am a huge fan of Melissa and Doug products...I guess they are too and that is okay fine by me...

What's Citrus Lane?

A monthly goodie club for your kids age birth to 5 yrs ...each box is geared toward the age of your boy or girl.

Each month a pretty box arrives and you squeal with excitement as you open the lid to find your goodies.  Lily gets Kiwi Crate she is my helper in opening the littles Citrus Lane boxes now...
*tip for all those boxes?  Save them... I have used them to wrap birthday cookies as gifts and will save more for Christmas presents! 
Here is this month

Reid's Box

Loving the Melissa and Doug Lace and Trace...another winner in this house.  I even spotted the tweens/teens wrapping them

the Cool Buddy pack is great for our car kit ...You never know when you need an ice's the kind you snap and no need to store in the freezer.  2 in a box

The Bento box is's a huge size for great size meals or snacks...and came with this great sticker page to put on and in your box.  They are dishwasher safe so you can keep them on during cleanings

We also got comes Bug Lotion w/o all those nasty chemicals...(fans here of those) and a coupon for 10 free Postagrams.  This is coming in handy with Little Bit's 1st birthday next week!!!

Cole's box

Cole got an awesome Melissa and Doug Peek a Boo wooden turtle...the kids (big too) fight over who plays with it.  What is it about wooden snap things?  Winner once again Melissa and Doug

We got a full size box of Nibble Fingers snacks...(cole didn't get to eat them b/c he's allergic to oats)  with 5 other problems...they were eaten fast

Another Cool it Buddy...this one is staying in the house for emergencies....

Another Postagram...WOOHOO 20 cards for Cole's First Birthday for family

And a snack container.  Totally in love with this...screws together....We took this on our walk the other day with  3 different snacks inside.  We then attached it to the buggy handle for easy carry!

Another happy mom this month.

The boxes are $25 a shipping...cancel anytime. 

Want to get $10 off your first box...

Use this Code link

Citrus Lane Fun

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