Friday, August 30, 2013

5 Foods for your Broods

Meal planning is always on my mind with a family of 8.  (2 of those are teen boys who eat me out of house and home) 

I have now realized "friends" of these boys can drop by as soon as the timer has sounded on my oven, so I truly need hardy meals and plenty of it.

I found this recipe at Pillsbury last week and got a green light.  I'm going to need to tweak it a bit ...the "filling" could have been a bit wetter...and maybe extra salt and pepper.  I also only doubled the recipe and next time will triple so as to have the 'cups' overflowing with goodness

{recipe found here}

I got a free preview issue of Paula Deen this week and was tickled pink when I saw a 5 day menu and 6 super soups and apple desserts inside!  Great Sept/Oct issue

What was super about the 5 day Planner was they gave you a full page shopping list (hello easy) and tips and recipes for sides.  I love when people do all the work for me.

Here is a recipe that my family is screaming for...(sorry quality ...tried to take with my phone)


and one I was screaming for b/c it look simple...I like simple when cooking for a crowd


I'm also a fan of black refried beans......I'm excited to try

Under the 6 Super Soups....


Last but not least.....


Fish and Chips with Coleslaw

I'm a sucker for a good Fish and Chips  and Malt Vinegar

SO there you go...maybe I helped you meal plan for your next week or week after.

I love swapping recipes....please feel free to send your blog my way with menus galore!

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