Friday, August 16, 2013

Foto Friday...and Fideo Too

I'm getting depressed with the days speeding as fast as they are.

My oldest is going to be a Senior and turns 17 in a few weeks.
He just had his Senior photos taken and I may or may not have been a nervous wreck inside.  I swear I can remember getting my photos taken like it was yesterday...(it wasn't right?)

(here we are at his session)

Summer is coming to an end and school starts soon

I always scratch my head when I hear parents say they can't wait for school to start.

Don't they like their kids?

Don't like like seeing them each and every day?

I met a neighbor the other day...she was telling me the ages of her kids (mind you they were with her) and said "child #__ just missed the cut off for kinder this year...sadly I'm stuck with him for another year...."

ummmmm hello?  He's standing right there...not  only that but she also had a 3 yr old at home all day.  So I guess she's STUCK WITH HIM TOO huh!

Or the mom's who shove them off at preschool because they want 'alone' time to sit around the house and do nothing

You do know one day they grow up and leave home one day right?  You can have alone time then...
Now be a mommy and a parent and nurture them

Oh wow...I got off on another topic

POINT OF THE STORY?  I'm not ready for school to start!

I love hanging with my kids...I love talking with my kids.....I love my kids

As a mom of 6 kids....yes they can be loud and annoying...but I love them all the same!

Yesterday daddy was popping over the fence and making the boys giggle....Cole just started really walking and I got cracked up at him seeing daddy....
(excuse my crazy voice and giggles)

Cole and his birthday cookie and more...

Little Miss and getting a squirt? (we all do it you know) 

And then the lovely photo Little Miss drew for me because she was mad at me?  Why?  No idea...but I'm banned evidently 

And my favorite....Daddy and his sidekick mowing the grass

Or how we ROLL before bedtime

(I love how he took a break to play)

Slow down summer...I'm missing you already!


Kimberly Graesser said...

Girl I am with you 110%! I'm dreading school starting and we homeschool! I couldn't imagine the kids having to LEAVE this time of year, much less looking forward to it :(

Jennifer said...

Thank you so much for being bold enough to say this. I am a working mom and what I wouldn't give to be able to stay at home and homeschool them. I have never understood the stay at home moms that sent their kids to MDO. If you're not working outside the home, I see it as your job to be at home with them.

Prolifegirly said...

I guess I'm not as offended, but I do agree that being with them at home is best for both child and parent. I have just started "homeschooling" although they are 3 & 4, and we are really getting into a routine. I hope we can keep it up because I like being with them and teaching them too! I wonder how #3 (oooh i get to number mine since I will have more than 2 right? :P) will change the dynamic for homeschooling...

MaryAnne said...

You know I agree with you about parents who complain about being with their kids. But I do find it offensive to suggest that because I stay home I shouldn't put my child in a pre-school program and the only reason I would do it would be so I can sit home and eat bon bons all day. Also maybe your neighbor was having a stressful day or trying to be funny (all be it a misguided attempt). Also it isn't like you haven't complained yourself on here - about how your son won't sleep and why won't he sleep etc. Someone could easily say well you had kids so it is your job to get up with them and don't complain about it. Just saying...

Conan the Cimmerian, King of Aquilonia said...

People get offended by the truth.

Who cares.

For Christ followers, if they get convicted then perhaps they need pray about it and get right about it.

Scripture lays out who is supposed to raise and teach your children and it does not say send you children to public school so that they can be brain washed against God and biblical beliefs.

LeAnna said...

I agree with you, totally. I like what Conan up there said, about how people get offended by truth. And really, as I've said before, offense is generally cloaked in conviction.

Read a great post about our impact as mothers today. Motherhood is a calling, a mission field in and of itself. An honorable one. If you have the means be a sole influence (along with your spouse, hopefully) in your children's life, grasp hold and don't let go. I think some of the previous commenters proved this. Mom's that work, and would LOVE to stay home and teach their kids.

I don't think people realize the agenda behind controlling the youth of today. It starts in preK. Little by little the parental unit is downgraded into something that is not the final authority. Children today are being taught that their parents are uneducated, and dumb, and not open minded because they hold to convictions. For crying out loud, once your child is 12, you can no longer have access of their MEDICAL RECORDS. Used to be a parents note was enough to keep a sick kid home from school, now you have to have a Dr's note, because Mom and Dad aren't the final say. This has all happened over years and years of the same methodology. Parental rights are on their way out the door, unless people stand up and say NO. This is my child. These are my rights.

For me, those rights aren't worth a few hours a week of "me time". When I became a mother, I gave up me time. My world doesn't revolve around my children, but the very act of raising them, teaching them, and nurturing them is my God-given right. A privilege. And there are days I want to run away and never return, because I'm HUMAN. And there are days I complain, because I'm HUMAN. But thank God for His grace, that even though I might wake up tired every morning, I wake up able to minister to my kid's that day. I don't have a communist, socialist dictator blasting propaganda from a speaker at the end of my street. Children are so sensitive, and wide open to influence. With the Lord's help, I can cultivate the sponge like soil of my children's hearts with HIS Word, and live a life of honor to God, in front of them, so that they'll never forget...God's Word never returns void!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll just take my soapbox and travel on my way. ;)

Conan the Cimmerian, King of Aquilonia said...

Amen LeAnna.

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