Monday, August 5, 2013

Getting Your Oil on...It's Water Time

You can call me what you want but I think I'm lucky.

It all started with me searching for ways to help me manage my opening my eyes to the world of sweet smelling goodness.

One great use I found for these oil is in my water....

I'm trying to cut back on sodas and artificial drinks like Crystal Light during the day 

I've been adding either Grapefruit oil or My FAVORITE Citrus Fresh to my daily water

Adding YLEO's to your drinking water not only adds a nice splash of aroma… it also adds flavor to the basically boring 'water'! But these aren't the most beneficial aspects of adding essential oils to your water. The real value comes with the fact that most of Young Living's Essential Oils are high in antioxidants, and many are also energizing (hello mom of 6)  and uplifting!  (Don't use those store bought essential can't put those in your body...but you YL you can)

1.  Always use GLASS – use a glass or glass water bottle for your drinking water. Some essential oils will leach out the petro-chemicals in plastic vessels. 
2. Young Living Essential Oils - I only recommend YLEO's for ingestion. Please only use therapuetic grade essential oils. Any other grades can be hazardous. 
3.  A little goes a long way – I use 3 – 4 drops of essential oil per my 19 oz. glass bottle  
4.  Get the most out of your oils – I always shake my bottle to distribute the oils before drinking. I also use the same glass or bottle over and over as some of the oils will cling to the sides of the glass and I hate to wash away those precious oils!

I wanted some cute bottles that were not pricey....I found these bottles filled with bubbly pop at Market Street for $6
We bought about 5 of them so the family can share...
We just peeled the label off and then rubbed some Lemon Oil to get the sticky off
(another great thing about Lemon EO)

Now I have tons of those cute bottles at a fraction of the cost sold in stores.

What's your Favorite Flavor?

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