Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Let's Talk About Poop....(go on keep reading)

We all do it....So don't shy away from the topic

If you have preschool aged kids in your house (ok even teens) the bathroom jokes are in full force.

Knock Knock

Who's there?

Poo Poo eat it

That's how they go in my house....not only do they not get how to do the knock knock joke ...but it's gross.

Whole point of potty joke though huh?

Well speaking of that potty...

Having a family with 6 kids.....and 2 adults...well that's a lot of pooing

Oh stop....we all do it....At least you should...if not, I bet you are feeling pretty backed up about right now...

No worries....I've got you covered for when the time happens...

Poo Poo Pourri 

Now before you get all emotional and leave my page...hear me out

Most can't go anywhere but at home....I know my big kids would hold it all day at school and run for the bathroom as soon as they were home.

I had a friend who could go anywhere though...

I once asked her "How do you do it...aren't you embarrassed someone will you know...hear or 'smell' you in there?"  Her response...."hey when you gotta go you gotta go"....and here's what she did to help with the stink (Hi Kim)

She would take a book of matches and light them and drop in the toilet.  hahaha I loved that idea but it's hard to find match books at restaurants anymore

Then I found another solution!

Essential oils used for Toilet smells (was that better?...I was gonna say poop smells)

I stumbled upon this on recipe on Pinterest ages ago...BEFORE MY LOVE OF EO'S

I had no idea what those oils were or why you would put them in a spray bottle....

So here you go.....

Grab a spray bottle filled with water (8oz) and some oils and meet me in the bathroom...

After making this I realized Purification helps kill odors so I added 10 drops of that to the water too.  Couldn't hurt

Add 10 drops each of Grapefruit, Tea Tree (I didn't have bergamot), and Lemongrass (add the purification too) to the 8oz of water and shake up.

All you need to do is shake and spray 3-5 sprays (I guess more if you think you might blow that sucker out of the water) and then do your "doo-dy"

The oils like to sit on top of the water thus creating this pretty smelling barrier for your 'friends' as they fall to their death in the water.

You know you want to try it now.....

Thinking Christmas gifts aren't you.  They may laugh, but I bet they are dying to try it!

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Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

Poo Potpourri is awesome.. I might just make this once my supply is out.. Haha

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