Thursday, August 1, 2013

It's All About the Box...

It's no surprise my love for the monthly club 

Citrus Lane

When I find something I like to talk about it.  I like to talk ....ask my hubs...

I think we have subscribed for about 5-6 months now...(I've lost count) and can honestly say I was disappointed in only one of those months....

They sent a "beach" package...with a hat that didn't fit Cole...and a shovel w/o a pail.  Reid's box was quite full...nice floppy hat with room to grow and lots of toys etc....I just felt the dropped the ball though and I read reviews from other parents too and wasn't alone.

But they were back on their game with July's box.

I am a huge fan of Melissa and Doug products...I guess they are too and that is okay fine by me...

What's Citrus Lane?

A monthly goodie club for your kids age birth to 5 yrs ...each box is geared toward the age of your boy or girl.

Each month a pretty box arrives and you squeal with excitement as you open the lid to find your goodies.  Lily gets Kiwi Crate she is my helper in opening the littles Citrus Lane boxes now...
*tip for all those boxes?  Save them... I have used them to wrap birthday cookies as gifts and will save more for Christmas presents! 
Here is this month

Reid's Box

Loving the Melissa and Doug Lace and Trace...another winner in this house.  I even spotted the tweens/teens wrapping them

the Cool Buddy pack is great for our car kit ...You never know when you need an ice's the kind you snap and no need to store in the freezer.  2 in a box

The Bento box is's a huge size for great size meals or snacks...and came with this great sticker page to put on and in your box.  They are dishwasher safe so you can keep them on during cleanings

We also got comes Bug Lotion w/o all those nasty chemicals...(fans here of those) and a coupon for 10 free Postagrams.  This is coming in handy with Little Bit's 1st birthday next week!!!

Cole's box

Cole got an awesome Melissa and Doug Peek a Boo wooden turtle...the kids (big too) fight over who plays with it.  What is it about wooden snap things?  Winner once again Melissa and Doug

We got a full size box of Nibble Fingers snacks...(cole didn't get to eat them b/c he's allergic to oats)  with 5 other problems...they were eaten fast

Another Cool it Buddy...this one is staying in the house for emergencies....

Another Postagram...WOOHOO 20 cards for Cole's First Birthday for family

And a snack container.  Totally in love with this...screws together....We took this on our walk the other day with  3 different snacks inside.  We then attached it to the buggy handle for easy carry!

Another happy mom this month.

The boxes are $25 a shipping...cancel anytime. 

Want to get $10 off your first box...

Use this Code link

Citrus Lane Fun

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