Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Some Firsts

My babies had school yesterday...

I didn't cry like I thought I would when the oldest went off to his LAST FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL.

I think I was too caught up in all the washing and vacuuming and L word precautions.  (Did I mention I'm sick of cleaning?)

My baby is also celebrating his birthday today....
17 yrs ago today I became a Mom and have loved every minute of it.  I guess I must have since I did it 5 more times. 

Here is his first Birthday...chocolate cake and all...(awww the digital dates printed on photos you had to take to the store to get developed!)

This is the happiest child in the world.  I don't think he ever frowned or cried often.  He was a terrific sleeper....happy to ride in the car for long periods...Loved people and people loved him....
He rocked then and still rocks today.  
 If only I had known the Toy Story phase would still be in our house today I would have saved EVERYTHING
This costume was worn in the heat of August where ever we went.  Poor thing would be sweating, but refused to take it off  .He was Buzz....  We used to get tons of giggles grocery shopping or running errands....makes my heart happy to see this all these years later.

Now sweet child is a Senior...seems like yesterday that I remember my Senior year....don't I look like a baby...

Grayson said..."Nice Perm"  ...sadly son that's my natural curls....I straighten my hair everyday.... (sad he didn't know that huh?)

So the kids started school and I actually got to take photos of all of them....

 (friends dropping by)

Then off for Senior Breakfast

He kept asking me "WHY WHY WHY do you do this..."  (as if I am embarrassing him or something right!? ha)
I assure him one day he will love looking back at these memories....it's all they will be....

These 3 are the best of friends....I love having them in my house daily!!!

Child #2 actually let me snap a photo....he has that..."haha you are insane" smirk on his face... glad he dresses up for school (not)  One day I assume he will care right?!

Sweet Mini Me wearing the cardi I will steal (after I drop 20 lbs)  I love that my daughter is wearing adult sizes...(granted size xs) but I have hope I can squeeze into something one day...this cool cardi is first on my list of things I steal borrow one day

Happy School Year and Happy Birthday Sweet Kid!

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Prolifegirly said...

That was sweet. Hope you all have a great year! Btw, I am looking into a home water birth all of a sudden lol...didn't you do that? Any info or advice?

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