Monday, September 30, 2013

Carnival Party....Another Year Gone

This would be the carnival party for Lily WITHOUT PICTURES.
I totally forgot to get photos AGAIN of all the booths and people pretending to enjoy themselves

This is nothing new for me...I really need to have a friend come early and take photos. 

I work on a party and then HAVE NOTHING TO SHOW FOR IT

Saturday it had rain in the forecast ...I don't mean rain I mean THUNDERSTORMS FLOODING THE GREENBELT KIND OF RAIN. 
I was in a panic b/c the party was outdoors in our 'courtyard' area ...I had everything mapped out of where the placement of games were to go...Printed signs and Laminated them and everything....

Had everything set up a few hrs before party even.....and it rained...hard.  Party wasn't for another 3 hrs so we dragged everything back into the garage and I tried to figure how all the booths would fit in the house

Here were my signs (at least I took a photo of those)

45 mins before the party it stopped raining....we dragged everything back out again...

Mini Me's friends came over to help run the booths and hand out prizes.....I ordered  A HUGE AMOUNT OF JUNK from Oriental Trading Company for the kids to win....(party favors)

Mini Me worked the Photo Booth...I found this cute background and props at Walmart for 5 bucks

(think back to lily's 5yr old photo) 

and the prize at photo booth was a blow-up flower for girls and blow-up sword for boys. 
The child will get a copy of the photo booth pic they took as a thank you card...(a little photoshop with thanks for coming on it to complete)

Here were some from the party!

For food we had basic fair stuff...Hot Dogs, Corn Dogs, Cotton Candy, Popcorn, cookies, beans, chips, fish bowls, and drinks....

My favorite was hubs idea of the Elephant Treats.  (nutter butter cookies....hello brilliant!)

I made my favorite cupcakes again (under recipe tab) with cream cheese icing.  I just picked up a new icing tip and now my cupcakes can look all professional! 
The jello bowls didn't turn out quite like I hoped...Was going for the "win a fish" like at a fair for the jello wasn't really a hit (insert sad face)

I did get a few of Reid at the duck pond bucket...he was soaking wet!!!  I love the photo of him screaming CHEESEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

I even got child #2 in a photo ...bam!  

(I joined in too)

My favorite part was the dress I had Brandy over at Sunfire Creative make for Lily!
She also made the Monogram Chevron dress for Lily too!  I am a fan of her work...the prices are amazing!!!  She does Custom stuff stop by and get something quick for Pumpkin Season or Christmas pj's! 


Jumping Jack said...

So fun! This is what I want to do for Jack's birthday. But it's in July and HOT! Love those cupcakes and Lily was just precious in her dress!

Bunnie said...

this party looked Awesome!!

XOXO Bunnie

Dianna said...

Love it! LOVE Lily's dress! I want a little girl just so I can order a million pillowcase dresses!

Southern Cinderella said...

Love the party!!!!! Everything looks fabulous!

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