Tuesday, September 24, 2013

This and That Going On....

got a little of everything going on here...come inside my life for a bit

***the 3 littles got fevers this past week and weekend...just when one had a fever for 2 days then the next got it....don't you love spreading things in your house?
i like spreading nutella on toast, or icing on a cake...but fevers....i can pass thank you

thank goodness for oils.....peppermint for little hot bodies...and rc for breathing....lemon and thieves to help with the yucks too....and a little peace and calming for mommy since it was a long week

***i'm making these today for the big kids (ok and hubs) i hate making things that say 'work quickly' though  what is really means is "THIS WILL BE IMPOSSIBLE TO MAKE AFTER 2 SECONDS OF SITTING.  NOT ONLY THAT, YOU WILL SCREAM UNDER YOUR BREATH AT US AND THIS RECIPE. GOOD LUCK"

i plan to have really slippery hands and work like the speed of light!

***my mom is here for the week to help me get ready for lily's 5th birthday.  let the laughing like school girls begin!  we're like 2 peas n a pod.  love her!

***speaking of 5 yr olds.  my girl will be 5 on thursday.  we are having a carnival like birthday party for her this weekend.  i really need to get to making stuff.  i'm usually more on my game than this.  i've got it all planned out in my head.  hope it turns out like that.  (it never does)

making these for a treat....(one of many food stuff for the PAR-TAY)

*** happy happy happy....
i'm taking duck dynasty's motto and making my 12 yr old TWEEN daughter apply this to her everyday life.  what is up with tween's and the attitude when you ask them questions.  a simple 'hey good morning' gets a nasty response.  we had the talk about respect and how you treat and talk to ppl.  it's nice to get a txt with "HHH" ...i'm glad she listens  (that and the if you don't act right i will take away all privileges)

***menu for tonight?  quesadilla pie
sandra lee semi-homemade nov/dec 2010 issue


1 (10oz) can green enchilada sauce

¼ cp whipping cream

4 (8inch) flour tortillas

1 (16oz) can spicy refried beans

2 cps shredded monterey jack cheese with peppers

2 cps shredded cooked chicken

¼ cp chopped fresh cilantro

2 (8.8oz) puches ready to be served Spanish style rice

Garnish: lime wedges and chopped freshed cilantro


Preheat oven to 400. In a small bowl, stir together enchilada sauce and cream. Spoon 1/4 cp enchilada cream mixture into the bottom of a 9-inch springform pan or deep-dish pie plate. Top with 1 tortilla and 1/3 each of beans, cheese, chicken, and cilantro. Repeat procedure twice with tortillas, remaining beans, cheese, chicken, and cilantro, ending with remaining tortilla. Pour remaining enchilada cream mixture over the top. Cover loosely with aluminum foil. Bake for 20 minutes. Uncover, and bake for 10 minutes longer. Let stand for 5 minutes. Heat rice according to package directed for 2 pouches. Slice pie into wedges, and serve with warm rice. Garnish with lime wedges and chopped fresh cilantro, if desired 

***hair horrors....so i'm old....i mean no denying it.  i'm near 40.  ask any 5 yr old and 40 is old.  it really isn't though.  40 is like the new 20.  but with anything new gray hairs are bound to happen.  in the past i could use those wash out in 28 shampoos though...no so anymore.  i need the big guns...those smelly permanent boxes in the store.  
so i grab L'Oreal in dark brown (one under black mind you) and get my dye on.  only when i'm blow drying my hair do i see my hair isn't dark brown but cinnamon color.  ummmmm then i panic thinking someone slipped the wrong bottles in my dark brown as a joke.  nope.  i guess not only am i old...but my hair doesn't like permanent colors...deep sigh


Amber said...

Lily is gonna be 5??? Whoa! I didn't realize, I still feel like she's like 2, haha.

That quesadilla pie sounds so yummy!

Southern Cinderella said...

Ill definitely be making those Toffee Almond popcorn balls! They look delish! I can't wait to hear all about Lily's birthday and carnival party!!

Southern Cinderella said...

Speaking of Nutella, I may or may not have bought a huge container of it from SAMs club last night. :) it's amazing on cinnamon raisin bagels :)

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