Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Toasted Goodness...

I'm not a fan of Roast Beef  (hush)

But I know my family is....and I know I am looking for different and fun things that are quick and easy to make for my family each week

Enter in this 

Toasted Roast Beef on Rye

I'm a sucker for all things this recipe sold me there

I'm a sucker for anything again sold me there

One bite of this sandwich....I'm now a fan of Roast Beef
(photos Paula Deen Magazine)

I think what took this sandwich to the "mmmm hmmmm" level were the Pickled Onions....Now if you are not a fan of onions ...that's one of the great things about soaking them in vinegar (which I used just plain vinegar)
The vinegar takes the oniony onion taste from them....the quick pickle flavor gives this a super sour flavor to the sandwich.  I will prob double the onions next time and double them up on the sandwiches

I had never heard of white BBQ sauce and had to google that one...basically it's mayo, apple cider vinegar, s/p, lemon juice and a spice if you like..I left out b/c had small young'ns eating

What we would do differently next time besides more pickled onions?  Add white bbq on one side of the bread and a 1000 island type dressing on the other slice ...also a little cooked cabbage (not sauerkraut...just cook it a bit to soften)

My husband is hard to please....I like to pretend I'm not watching him take his first bite of new recipes...
I glanced his way on his first bite....he raised his eyes brows in surprise...gave me a thumbs up and smiled!  Even Mini Me who is a picky eater ate it....and even #4

Believe it or not...Got it on the Menu for next Wednesday with dinner with the Inlaws!  Yes, it was that yummy

Not to mention super quick to make.  I like things in an assembly line....and mass produce in bunches.  
My mouth is watering just thinking about these for next week.

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