Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Little Home'sCool Lesson...

We had our 1st Science Experiment...

The ol Gummy Bear in 4 different liquids Experiment.

It would have been more than 4...but Reid ate the entire bag of gummies....

We used Vinegar, Water, Salt Water, and Baking Soda Water.  

(little brothers are stinky...Lily said)

Still 4 cups of liquid was a fair amount...

We added 3oz of liquid to each cup and 1tb of either salt or baking soda to their cups

Plopped in our Bears and wait....we watched them for 24 hrs...

Ha kidding...but we did walk past them often to check the progress.

This morning Lily was surprised to see 1 cup were empty (

No your little brother didn't eat it....

We got to learn about how things made of sugar dissolve in liquids...and how some things blow up or shrink.  (it's easy when you are 5)

She cracks me up...she picked that the baking soda would be the biggest...then she changed her mind when we fished them from the glass...
(silly girl)

After "Science Class", we headed outside for Ice Pops...the weather is so nice...wish there was more of a bite in the air though...October is my favorite Month

While outside we had 1 more lesson...

Every child needs to learn their address...back when the older 3 were 4-5 I taught them my phone number and our home addy.  I used the tune to "Oh My Darling Clementine"
Start add your # and like this

555 (oh my darling)
555 (oh my darling)
55 (oh my darling)
55 Clementine

then...the Thou art lost and gone forever,
Dreadful sorry, Clementine
Sing your addy like this...
"I live at (thou art)
1111 Street Address (and gone forever), 
in City (dreadful sorry) 
Texas (clementine)"

(if you know me and still don't get and I'll sing you yours for you bhahahahaha)

We've lived in 2 homes since I created this with 2 different numbers now (now I teach the kids my mobile since it will never change)  All numbers will work...just tweek it a little when singing to make it cute and sing songy.  
Sing this 5-6 times a day and in a few weeks your little one will know your # and address. 

After snack we were off for the 2 littles Naptime.  Lily does more school is cool work while they nap....
I decided to prep dinner....Recipe said 30 mins prep...TOOK ME MORE LIKE 1.5 HRS.  I did double recipe but still...geez


(photo from Southern Living Oct 2013...recipe link too)

Made Tomato Basil Lasagna Rolls.  Meatless dish mind you...the family was like "what?  no why??????????"  (insert tears)  oh pish posh...just sample them first

There were Artichokes inside...everyone ate them...I didn't tell what it was until they went for gave these a spectacular flavor...that and the fresh torn basil...

Off to Ballet Class......I want to be 5 again!  I'm so blessed I have little girls!


Caroline said...

Cool little experiment and when are you having me over for dinner???

The Herd said...

I'm so glad you are honest---1.5 hours instead of 30 minutes! hehe!

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