Thursday, October 3, 2013

Bittersweet Decadent Divine Pie of Silky Goodness

I'm staring with Dessert here first b/c well...I dreamed about it all last night.  I even want to run to the store today to make another pie (even though I made 2 yesterday...hey I was feeding a crowd)

It was bittersweet, creamy, dreamy, soft, smooth, was...well when I took my first bite I let the fork slowly leave my mouth...I let the pie sit on my tongue as I rolled my eyes into my head....I didn't chew just yet..I let the flavor sit in my mouth as I let a delightful sigh of happiness escape my lips.  I have tasted heaven.  
I know you think I am exaggerating..but I'm a sucker for bitter chocolate and pie.

This pie was so crazy easy to make it is sad.  It tastes like I spent hours in the kitchen making this divine dessert.  I'm almost embarrassed at how easy it was.

All you do is melt stuff and pour stuff and chill stuff...

The key to this?  Top this with whipped topping from scratch that is super sweet.  It will help balance the bitter sweet chocolate taste of the pie

(sorry copies are so bad...held phone over photos)

As for the menu for last night?

I was standing in line at the grocery store last week and saw the Paula Deen issue of Family Dinner there in the check out aisle...I had to buy it b/c I saw about 20 recipes I would make.....I'm sure there are more...but after the first 20 I just threw that bad boy in my buggy

Last night's meal was amazing.  I ate light the entire day to make room for the smells that were slow cooking in my kitchen.

(images all copied from Paula Deen's Family Dinner issue)

Beef Stroganoff Summer Peas w/pearl onions and bacon, Pesto Pinwheels and Chocolate Cookie Pie (which should be called Bitter Sweet Goodness)

This called for Cream Cheese...and while everyone else loved husband (the wanna be chef) wants to skip it next time and add Sour Cream...(your choice)  I used 4.5 lbs of meat and 1.5 the ingredients....the meat came out soft and tender and perfectly perfect.  (add extra salt and pepper though)

THESE WERE AMAZING.  I am a sucker for Peas...Pearl Onions and Bacon...and shaved Parm.  You can't go wrong with this one.  I want to marry this dish! 

Perfect flavor.  I felt all fancy making these...maybe it was the pesto scent wafting through the air as I was spreading it on the dough...or maybe it was the fancy way I sprinkled the crushed pecans and shredded parm too.  Or how I felt fancy rolling and slicing.  Either way..MAKE THESE  (you'll feel fancy too)

These would go great with a chicken dish ...or even a pasta with red sauce.  I will def make  again!  I doubled this recipe (I was feeding 10 people)

It's bad to dream about pie all night isn't it?  I wanted to sneak downstairs and cut a tiny sliver and pop it in my mouth.  But I had brushed my teeth and didn't want to mess up and waste a perfect piece of pie

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