Monday, October 21, 2013

Monkey See Monkey Do

#5 has been walking since he was 9 and 3/4 months.  He was my earliest mind you.  By the time he was a year he had not only mastered walking ...but was running like a stumbles.  He could leap off of things too

His coordination is impeccable.  I am still impressed by his skills

He is your typical child climber...pushes objects to get a leg up on any surface.  He can balance like the best of them

Leaps from anything.  (has no fear)

But the one place he never climbed out of or in?


I took pride in the fact that my 2.9 yr old loved his crib and never tried to leap out

He would just ask to be in there...nestle his hands under his bumpers and hug the edges of the mattress...cover Kenneth over his face and pass out.  (kenneth is his giraffe lovey)

When it's time to get up...he would just call my name until I came.

Most people were like "He's 2...move him to a bed"  

My response?  "Why?"

Why mess with a good thing.  He's a terrific sleeper. 

He loves his bed...he loves sleeping...he sleeps all night....

You know the saying?  If it isn't broke don't fix it  

I mean the weight capacity on that thing is pretty strong right?

About 2 months (or 3 I lose track) Lily started sharing a room with Reid. 
She officially moved out of our room and into a princess bed
(ok now we are just down to 1 kid in the bed...waves at #6)

She adores finally having her own space.
Reid never minded she is in fact he loves it

I will hear them talking to each other on the monitor and Lily will even cover him up when his blanket falls off

A few days ago I noticed she taught him a new trick


Deep sigh

It's over. 

I mean it's no wonder he made it this long

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Dianna said...

Oh sweet Lily! It was fun while it lasted.

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