Friday, October 18, 2013

The Bestest Gift Ever....

Seriously it is the best monthly Box Club...don't get me wrong I love Citrus Lane, but for activities?  You need to try Kiwi Crate

Each month they send a cute green box filled with 2 crafts for your child and 1 bonus sometimes.  (so far every time) and a story to read. 

This month WAS AWESOME!!!!  Not only do they provide ALL the materials you will  need, but the quality is fantastic.  I've been hugely impressed with each far we have had about 6.  They come with easy instructions and let you know the level of messiness and parent involvement.  

The 2 crafts this month were Glowing Animals.  We got to learn all about a few animals that glow and why.  (even mommy gets to learn new things too)

The bonus... we made a firefly....w/glow sticks.  Lily loved turning off all the lights and flying him around the house before bed.

This box each month is strictly for's Mommy and Lily time when the boys go down for a nap.  Something we both look forward to

Craft 1:  Glow Worm...

This little guy is named Glowy!!  

Craft 2:  Racing Jellyfish

This was great b/c there were 2 of them and Miss  Lily and I could race them!

Christmas is coming...tell the Grandparents your little one would like this for a gift!  I promise you you won't be disappointed

Even better...? 

Use this code for $10 off the first box  Get $10 Code

Or join months theme?


We are making a string puppet, a theater , and a bonus finger puppets.  I've been excited for November since August haha

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Jumping Jack said...

Oh the difference between boys and girls! :) You should see our jellyfish - not quite like the picture. We haven't done the glow worm yet, but I'm sure Jack will love that! Kiwi crates are the best!

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