Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Where I Been? Food Stuffs....

A friend sent me a message the other day asking if I was ok? 
I've been silent in bloggy world...and no nothing is wrong...can you just say busy!?

Thanksgiving is at our house again.  I like it that way...with 6 kids and 3 of which destroy things.... I can't bring myself to go to someone's house and basically shadow a kid all day.  So instead I have it here.  Not all bad...I get some good deep cleaning in

Today I'm all about prepping and cooking all the food....2 pies today...thankfully my mother is bringing 2
I'm also making this pink dessert I used to have as a little girl.  I think I am the only one that enjoys it.  It's pink and fluffy...what is not to like?

Also I've been freezing trays of this....

for a Sparkling Ginger Raspberry Lemonade I found in December's Issue of Paula Deen.  (think I need to quadruple this bad boy)

4 cups Raspberry Lemonade
2 cups Ginger Ale
2 cups white grape juice

serve with the ice.. (white grape juice with a raspberry)

I also made a few million batches of Pecan Turtles this past week.
I had about 3 different recipes and finally came to the conclusion that this one is by far the easiest (esp when making about 70 of them)

Preheat oven to 300'
Here is what I found the easiest.  Line a pan with parchment paper and line your pecan halves anyway you like.  Then place a caramel square in the center.
Bake for about 10 mins.  The caramel won't be fully will need to 'smush' around with the back of a spoon
Let cool a bit
Make your chocolate.  I made 2 different batches. (basically what I had on hand)  first chocolate I melted was a combo of Chocolate Almond Bark and Semi Sweet Baker's Chocolate.  Another batch was Ghirardelli Chocolate chips with 1tbs of shortening per cup of chocolate.
After caramel has cooled a bit spoon your chocolate on
I'm also making some peanut brittle today...Everyone needs a  little sweets to snack on before during and after a huge meal right?

I'm cheating on meat this year.  I got a smoked turkey, pecan honey glazed spiral ham and 10lbs of smoked brisket from the most incredible BBQ joint in Frisco.  3 Stacks Smoke and Tap House.  Why not make life easy?!!!

I'll end this post on a cute note...
Thankfully the weather got coooooold here and my sweet 2 yr old got his Scottish/Irish side out...he's so adorable it hurts!

Happy Turkey day to all...

Friday, November 15, 2013

Testimony Time

I haven't talked lately about my love of oils.....but sometimes talking just doesn't do them justice.

You need to experience or read testimonies about them.

I thought I would share a few with you.....

Oily Testimony: "Mom I need Oils"

I love how my kids have experienced how incredible oils are.

Monday Mini Me was feeling yucky before bed (she's 12).....she had a cough and stuffy nose and felt, well yucky. I gave her a capsule of Thieves and Oregano and rubbed RC (diluted with coconut oil) on her chest and feet. The next morning she still felt a bit yucky so we agreed she would stay home to diffuse and oil all day long
Pretty much every 1-2 hrs we would oil her up. 4 times yesterday she took a capsule of 5 drops Thieves and 3 drops Oregano. Drank Lemon water all day. We rubbed Thieves on her feet and RC and Raven (well we rotated...if we put raven on her feet we used RC the next time)
We also rubbed RC or Raven (rotated the one we didn't put on the feet) and Thieves on her chest and neck area and up behind her ears and spine.
We diffused RC and Raven rotating them and she sat near it most of the day breathing in the air.
For super tough stuffy nose she would put a drop of peppermint on her tongue and breathe in deep through her nose...and would also put a drop on her palm and cup her hands and breathe in
Then she would rub a drop of Lavender on her on the bridge of her nose and around her nose...and then rub around opening of each nostril. Her nose would open right up.

By this morning she was a whole lot better...her cough is now clearing out, no sore throat and doesn't feel yucky.

I love hearing her say "Man I love these oils...If only everyone could see how they work"
Me too honey!!!

I love that I am giving my children a healthy way of treating a stuffy nose and cough without OTC stuff with nasty side effects.
I Plants! 

Oily Testimony: Geranium and Frankincense

So with 6 kids I'm always in a hurry....Always. I walk fast and I talk fast. (just ask my hubs)
With 8 of us I'm constantly unloading and loading the dishes....I usually have to do a load while we eat...unload and load dinner in and wash again. Tonight the littles were in full force and I was trying to go super fast unloading before they came over to "help" mommy unload. Never a good thing
So I reach in and grab a knife and it's wedged I guess and as I'm pulling it out it stays and slices my finger. Y'OUCH. I grab a paper towel and keep unloading...and then it dawns on me
I got GERANIUM finally in this months order.

a few uses for Geranium:
Geranium Oil is a great antiseptic. It protects open wounds and cuts from infection. It also enables speedy healing
It is useful in clotting blood. It contracts the blood vessels and speeds up clotting. It also controls excessive bleeding
It is an effective astringent. An astringent ensures that the tissues contract and tighten

So off I ran for my bottle and added drop right on it.
After 3 mins I noticed it stopped bleeding and I felt a tingly good sensation. Then I added a drop of frankincense to it (Frankincense oil has antiseptic & disinfectant properties. It's also great for skin and healing and scars)

I love the power of oils!! Not only did it stop bleeding and seal the didn't sting anymore.

I will definitely keep Geranium in my Oily Cupboard from now on

Oily Testimony: I've Got An Oil For That Nasty Thang

Oily Testimony: The great thing about oils? There is more than 1 that can work for something. Take for example this ANNOYING Plantars Wart I noticed on the bottom of my foot back in June. I read that ppl had tried Thieves or Frankincense on them with great success. I tried those twice a day and 4 weeks later NOTHING. I also read that Oregano was terrific at those pesky warts. I tried again 2-3 times a day for 4 weeks and NOTHING. I was at my wits end. Next I read people had success with Lemon Oil. Again I tried daily and nothing. Then I tried Purification, Lemongrass, and Clove. I was willing to try it all.

October's ER Promo Oils (the ones you can earn free) were Cinnamon Bark and Myrrh.
I wanted to read up on what each oil can help with after I got mine in the mail.
Lo and Behold Cinnamon Bark was good for Plantar Warts. Well it's worth a shot I thought.


You know how acetaminophen might work for you but not me? And the same for ibuprofen? Well, essential oils are that way too. We can't just expect one oil to work for everyone. It's still trial and error, a learning process, but at least with this route, it's all natural, with no harmful side effects.

Happy Oiling!!!

Oily Testimony:  Darn Crick

From time to time I wake up with a crick in my neck. I don't know about you but on it's own it can take a full week if not longer to get back to feeling normal again. Not when I have my trusty oils. With any combo of these oils (I use em all) I can start to get movement back in my neck by the end of the day. Day 3 my neck feels almost back to normal. Layering peppermint on last to the mix helps magnify the other oils or drive them deeper into the tissue

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask....if you like getting Oily Tips or reading other testimonies follow us over at The Oily Cupboard on facebook.  Another Mommy friend and I are sharing are adventures with Oiling our Families...with  10 kids between us things are bound to happen

* Disclaimer: This information is for educational purposes only, and is not intended to prescribe, treat, prevent, or diagnose any disease or condition


Thursday, November 14, 2013

Motherhood Side Effects

Being a mommy comes with side effects

One of those side effects is auto pilot

For instance the other night Cole woke and I don't remember.  Nor do I remember changing his diaper.  But I must have....because at around 5am I found him in bed with me and later that morning I saw the dirty pee pee diaper on the changing table.

I know I have reached Bliss when I can Mother in auto pilot.  But it makes me wonder what else I can do while asleep...I should really put a camera up!

Hysterical Laughter....that's another side effect

The things your children will do will be the funniest things in the world...but only to you.  You share these stories (like I'm about to do with you) with others, but they won't be as funny to them as they are to you.

Here's one...
Finally the temps are dropping at night in the 20's....we whipped out the footie zipper pj's for the kids and Reid was once again in awe (like last year) 
He pulled the zipper down a bit and was filling his clothes up with about 40 matchbox cars inside.  He then tried to walk around like that....I died laughing b/c the poor child could barely walk and refused to let us take them out
Before bed we had to get him undressed b/c he had left a few inside...(ouch)
The next  morning he started to do the same thing...
Reid:  "Mom guess what's in night nights?"
Me:  "Lots of cars again"
Reid:  "Nope penis"

haha  why yes it is!
I overheard Lily playing with Cole

Lily:  (putting girl clothes on Cole) "Sit still Lucy, I need to get your dress on"
Me:  "Lily what are you doing?  He looks like he doesn't want you touching him or putting a dress on him"
Lily:  "I decided I have enough brothers and I've renamed Cole Lucy....He's a girl forever now"
Lily and Reid got dressed in coats and boots to go outside.  I noticed them heading down the hallway and heard the door chime (GREATEST INVENTION EVER)
Me:  "Lily No Ma'am....You are not allowed to open the door w/o permission.."
Lily:  "Reid and I are going outside...I'm the mommy and I'm taking him for a walk"
Me:  "Sorry hun...not happening...You can't go outside w/o a REAL adult present"

Later I saw Lily dressed the dog in my coat.  Then I saw her sneaking to the door and trying to open it again.
Me:  "Lily why do you have my coat on the dog and why again are you opening the door w/o permission"
Lily:  "SHHH Moses is pretending to be an adult and he's gonna be with me outside.  He's my adult
(nice try)


Spending time with your kids....I take any chance I can get.

I sometimes purposely wake Mini Me up late (or cheer when I notice she's not up) for school.  She has to catch the bus and leave the house by 7:05.  The school is only 8 mins away and on days she is late I will drive her.  I TRULY love these moments.  A mom and daughter can talk about a lot of things in the short ride to school.  She asked me the other day to be honest if it bugged me to load all the kids in the car and drive her.  I told her not even for a second.  I totally love giggling with her and chatting about all the latest boy band gossip!


Buffet Chef

I'm constantly doubling recipes because my kids can eat...but sometimes I need to triple if not quadruple them.  Dinner is ready by no later than 5:30 at our house...(usually 5pm sharp)  Inevitably kids who are not birthed from me will show up at 5pm for dinner.  So far this week my 'other' son has showed up 3 times  for dinner.  That boy can pack 6 sloppy joes inside AND head home for dinner at his house.  I'm sure his mother is pleased b/c I am positive her food bill has dropped some days.
Last night dinner was baked potato soup....we had 2 extra kids pop in.  They lucked out b/c I made 2 cookie cakes for child #2's birthday

I had a few ppl ask about how I make them....
It's so easy I'm embarrassed to share. 

I buy those packages of Betty Crocker Cookie Mix in the bag (where you add 1 stick of butter and 1 egg)

I then mix with mixer and shape in ball....

I draw a really big circle on parchment paper (I trace one of those 12" cardboard circles from baking section)  then I smush the dough on the paper about 1" from edge in a perfect circle (remember the dough spreads) and pop on my round baking stone and bake 375 for about 20 mins (or less depending on how soft you like your cookie)
Let cool on rack and then decorate
I again cheat and found that store bought Chocolate and Vanilla Icing tastes the best.  I will get out my decorating tips and pastry bags and decorate away.  I have those edible markers and will draw a shape on the cookies sometimes too (as I did with the smaller circle with the 15...I traced a lid of a tupperware to have a perfect circle)  
Then decorate away
Your kids will think you are the bomb! 
Side effect:  Being Cool

Monday, November 11, 2013

I'd Rather Give Birth Again...All At Once...

Yesterday I dragged took the kids to the walking trail behind the house for Christmas photos.

I like to think of it as the once a year I get all my kids together, happy or not (most likely not) and get a photo of all 6 together. 

I always try to do this the 2nd weekend in November....this gives me enough time to figure out that out of 150 photos not one is decent and I spend the remainder of the month in photoshop trying to fix heads.

Giving birth is easier than trying to get the kids to do something other than whine

My favorite was a few years back  (before #5 and 6)

  I had signs for the kids to hold  for the picture.  Every time Lily would hold hers up I would yell for the kids to hold up ...trying to have everyone doing the same thing.  As soon as I yelled up and they went up Lily would put hers down.  It was hysterical. 

Christmas 2010 (bloopers)

It seems to only get harder the more kids we add to the mix....

2011 (another kid to the mix)

2012 (another kid to the mix) new kids added!  (sigh of joy from older kids)

So I dragged them down to the walking trail...props and camera in hand....and did a lot of jumping...clapping....raspberry try and get 1 photo

By the end of the 20 mins I'm sweating and have a major headache...BUT

I got a few that made my heart crying laughing...and some that I fell in love with


Love this one of my first and last child....

(photo bombing child...)

Mini Me cracks me up....I adore this photo...even though she is being a's almost glamorous like...

Needless to say I got a silly photo of each child alone and 1 semi normal group shot....I need to force them to do this once a month...I adore seeing my babies together!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Sweet Ending For the Itch

Ok yes,  so you figured out I'm clueless (see yesterday's post)

I like to think of it as living in happy land a lot

Nah, just don't really pay any mind to bad things and hang out in the kitchen a lot

The other night for our 7 yr Itch (ha) the Inlaws baby sat and hubs and I ran out the door before anyone noticed us.

You know the kind of date where both of you dress wear makeup and he wears cologne?

You know where you jump in his truck that doesn't have car seats?

You know where when you get to the restaurant you order a table for 2 not 8?

You know Date night

We went to Outback Steakhouse.  We haven't been there in probably 7 yrs.....I saw a commercial  showing a Filet and Lobster deal...I was in like Flynn!  (I'm a sucker for Lobster!!!)

Hubs ordered me a Sangria Trio Sampler....(yummy) and fav appetizer

Conversation flowed and not one mention about kids!

I miss eating slow....where you can put your fork down between bites...and the food on your plate actually gets to get eaten by you.

I usually have  child on my lap eating my food...or I'm standing at the counter shoveling it in because by the time I served everyone their food they are going in for 2nds and I haven't even had 1st.....or I'm having to shovel it in because by the time I actually get to sit and eat my food everyone else is done and it's time to clean the kitchen and bathe babies.

Deep Sigh...Date night was so worth it.

After dinner we didn't get dessert.....because I made 2 pies waiting for us at home

Yes, forget there are 8 in the family...and the inlaws...and I always send some home with my FIL (he has a sweet tooth that he will deny)

I tried my hand at a super easy recipe crossing my fingers it was good.

It was

It was so good that hubs was like...."WOW...this is really great...this would be something you would take to a party" 

Ok that is a winner in my book  (the almond extract makes the pie)

Here ya go

White Chocolate Cherry Cream Pie

White Chocolate Cherry Cream Pie

  • 9-inch chocolate cookie crust
  • 1  8-ounce package cream cheese, softened
  • 1/4  cup sugar
  • 1 teaspoon almond extract
  • 3/4 cup white chocolate chips
  • 1   8-ounce package frozen whipped topping, thawed
  • 1  21-ounce can LUCKY LEAF® Regular or Premium Cherry Pie Filling


Beat cream cheese, sugar and almond extract until smooth in a large bowl.
Melt white chocolate in microwave according to package directions. When melted, pour into cream cheese mixture.
Beat with electric mixer until smooth.
Fold whipped topping into mixture. Pour evenly into crust.
Cover and chill for at least 2 hours, or until ready to serve.
Spoon Lucky Leaf Cherry Pie Filling on top just before serving. Garnish with white chocolate chips if desired.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

7 Year Itch

It's been 7 years....
since we said I do

A few months back I told hubs 

Me:  "Hey guess what?"

Hubs:  "Do I even want to know?"

Me:  "Guess what anniversary is coming up?"

Hubs:  "One where you have probably already gotten your present 50 times over"

Me:  "hardy har silly...It's our 7 yr Itch"

Hubs:  (perks right up) "Oh really?  And you KNOW exactly what that means huh?"

Me:  "Yep, it means we are all itchy and need back scratches"

Hubs:  "Well great....Since you KNOW exactly what IT means I guess you can't get ANGRY when I 'Scratch' the Itch.  I suggest you go look it up first before you start telling people  you are itchy in your marriage"

Me:  (looking puzzled.  having no idea what he is talking about)  "What are you talking about?  1 yr is paper  2 yr is cotton etc....I think 7 means we get itchy....silly but I didn't make it up"

so off I go to the computer.  

and Google "what does 7 year itch mean"  (I love google)

and up pops wiki

The seven-year itch is a psychological term that suggests that happiness in a relationship declines after around year seven of a marriage.[1] The phrase originated in 1845, meaning all that is annoying. It was conceived as more of a long duration of an unpleasant occurrence, usually indicated towards an irritating and contagious skin complaint rather than an event marked at seven years


How humiliating is that?

Of course Hubs is dying laughing at me.  Laughing more over the fact that I was going to post on our fb wall about how it's our 7 year itch.

So I can assure you ...THERE WILL BE NO ITCHING GOING ON HERE....or death will occur.....Jeepers 

But back to it being 7 years...

7 years ago I married my best friend. 
The man that can twirl me around the dance floor to our favorite song (after I have on a motion sickness patch) 

The man that will sit on the couch with me each night (even during Monday Night football) and watch Hallmark Movies with me.  
The man that will put up with all my crazy crazy and still totally adore and kiss me at the end of the night.

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