Monday, November 11, 2013

I'd Rather Give Birth Again...All At Once...

Yesterday I dragged took the kids to the walking trail behind the house for Christmas photos.

I like to think of it as the once a year I get all my kids together, happy or not (most likely not) and get a photo of all 6 together. 

I always try to do this the 2nd weekend in November....this gives me enough time to figure out that out of 150 photos not one is decent and I spend the remainder of the month in photoshop trying to fix heads.

Giving birth is easier than trying to get the kids to do something other than whine

My favorite was a few years back  (before #5 and 6)

  I had signs for the kids to hold  for the picture.  Every time Lily would hold hers up I would yell for the kids to hold up ...trying to have everyone doing the same thing.  As soon as I yelled up and they went up Lily would put hers down.  It was hysterical. 

Christmas 2010 (bloopers)

It seems to only get harder the more kids we add to the mix....

2011 (another kid to the mix)

2012 (another kid to the mix) new kids added!  (sigh of joy from older kids)

So I dragged them down to the walking trail...props and camera in hand....and did a lot of jumping...clapping....raspberry try and get 1 photo

By the end of the 20 mins I'm sweating and have a major headache...BUT

I got a few that made my heart crying laughing...and some that I fell in love with


Love this one of my first and last child....

(photo bombing child...)

Mini Me cracks me up....I adore this photo...even though she is being a's almost glamorous like...

Needless to say I got a silly photo of each child alone and 1 semi normal group shot....I need to force them to do this once a month...I adore seeing my babies together!


LeAnna said...

Oh my word, for REALS. I have half the amount of kids and want to rip my hair out. Love the snaps you got, though. Miss MM has matured so much since I saw you guys in person! Such a beauty!

Heather said...

It takes 4 people to get pictures of my now 2 year olds and even then it doesn't always work out. Your kids are precious!

Stephanie Cullen-Wilson said...

Mini Me looks like a glamour model in that last one! Cute!

Southern Cinderella said...

Love those pics!! Can't wait to see the ones you use for your cards!!!

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