Monday, December 16, 2013

Slowly But Shirley

Who's Shirley?

It's been a long 2 weeks. 

Remember that ice storm that hit parts of the states...well we were one of them.
I guess our big neighboring city didn't think we were important enough to sand the roads so we were all stuck for days without being able to move.  Looked like snow...but ice skating ice rinks out there.  Since the temps during the days didn't get above 29 it stayed frozen.  Our driveway stays shaded so it just thawed over the weekend. 

The kids had 4 days off of school since the roads were frozen....Friday-Wednesday.  I enjoyed the lazy mornings...

Oh wait what am I saying?  I have 3 little ones that don't know the meaning of lazy or morning

Of course they wanted to go out in the ice..not understanding why they couldn't make snow angels or snowmen.

Gas stations were empty....Both Walmart's were picked dry.  Since no trucks could get through to us they didn't get to restock shelves.  All this makes you really wise up and take note of your water and food stash and see how long you can survive if this sort of thing happens again.

Now that the ice is behind us...we are on to other joyous things in the house

Oh like Reid and Lily....I thought things would be great when we finally moved her from our room to Reid's room.  He's been (NOTICE PAST TENSE) been the best sleeper in our house.  He will sleep all night and even ask to go to sleep

The grandparents bought Lily that pretty iron bed I saw on Loves of Life blog  ....
from Ikea.  That was a fun day...if you were spending over $150 you got a free needless to say with our family it was worth it.  (I'm a sucker for their meatballs)

Well you would think she would LOVE her new bed....and she did for a few months

But then it was "I wanna sleep with  you mommmmmmmmmmmmmmy"  over and over

I refused, but she would sneak out.  So I made a place on the tiny couch in my room hoping she would be miserable. 

Reid caught on finally that he could get in and out of his crib (with the help of his new suitemate) and now he doesn't stay in to well.

Then when she started sneaking out to sleep with me....Guess who started to also? 

Now this isn't a good thing since Cole is in bed with me and LITERALLY SLEEPS ON EVERY CORNER OF THE BED.  He still wakes 2-3 times a night to fuss and eat and move around.  This then wakes Lily and Reid...which makes all 3 up which makes ME A NOT HAPPY MOMMA

I put my foot down and was forcing them to stay in their bed.  ( I may or may not have used bribery with treats)

It worked for a day 

Lily now just goes straight to my room after stories and prayers.  Reid thinks she is going to the bathroom ...and now insists on sleeping in Lily's princess bed on an airplane pillow. 

After about 10pm I sneak in and move him to his crib.  He is back to sleeping better.

Until LAST NIGHT.  Hubs said why are you moving him?  Leave him in that bed.


I knew better...the back of my mind I thought...he will wake and walk the house...just move him to the crib like previous nights...

But I did what hubs said....

2am Cole woke from the crib (where I start him and then he moves to my bed)  2am was a's usually 11pm ...I felt excited almost....UNTIL

UNTIL I NOTICED THE HALL LIGHT ON.  2am + hall light on = bad feeling

How do they do this?  How do they know to wake at the exact moment?  Can't they stagger?  I would much prefer to rock each  child at different times then to try and get 2 children back to sleep at same time. 

I'm stuck at this point.  I can't move...I'm laying in bed nursing Cole back to sleep...If I move he wakes and if I stop nursing he wakes.  So I wait....and counting down the seconds. 

Sure enough I see the light flicker on and off on and off on and off

Door opens and in comes Reid....

And there he stands shouting in his loudest whisper (because 2 yr olds haven't mastered the whisper yet)


I motion for him to climb in bed 

Mistake #2 

Cole finally falls asleep but Reid Mr Mcfloparoundlikeafish wakes from 2-3 we were up shushing.  Then again at 5-7am  Cole wakes and thinks it's funny Reid is in bed with us...there we are (we as in they) laughing talking flopping slapping for 2 hours  I have steam coming out of my head at this point wondering if we should just get up or try to sleep again....

I go for sleep

By 7 am I get them back down only to realize I need to rush downstairs and see big kids off to school

It's gonna be a long morning

Slowly but Surely our week will become normal about 18 years

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