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Year In Review January-June 2013

My sweet bloggy friend Jen does this at the end of each year and each year I have been meaning to do this

Well here we are!

I can't believe how fast 2013 has gone.  I just now got used to thinking and being able to write it on paper and now I've got to write a 4.  Slow down time


Cole was a bitty thing...had just turned 5 months and still didn't sleep (he seems to be on a trend here)

We had a few snow days from school....
Here Mini Me and Reid made a huge snowball...Hat's .....check  Coats....check  Binky ....check (I wonder if that thing will ever leave)

Another thing I love about reviewing my blog post from past year?  All the  recipes I made.  I need to go back to posting my menu board for more a year ago I made

thanks to me...I just got a week's worth of menu ideas...some of which I don't think I have made in close to a year!  Bam to me!

Mini Me turned 12....I remember thinking she was so grown up looking in these photos and I couldn't imagine time going any faster...

She was already planning her teenage party back then....sweet girl.  Enjoy these moments because before long you will be a mommy like me wishing these days back.


Mr Reid turned 2 (days after miss thang's 12th)

He was in his Toy Story phase.  I think we watched all 3 movies a million times a day for months back then...

Cole turned 6 months and we discovered his oatmeal allergy a few weeks before.  Scared the beegeebees out of us.  Fed the child oatmeal and 1 hr later he projectile vomited for 3 hrs straight and then passed out for the night.  Frightening ...and an experience I don't want to repeat.   He accidently ate a spoonful of a mixed cereal and fruits...1 SPOONFUL and within mins another 3 hrs of throwing up and passing out.  This time was worse after just 1 tiny bite.  I think I had enough excitement to last me a few years thank you!

More months of 1st's

Super Hero phase

And the month Mini Me wanted her hair cut off it for about 1 month and cried because she missed her hair

Another good  month of food


sweet boy turned  7 months....he still doesn't sleep but yet he is still awesome...I put sleeping better, but that had to be just a day or so.  He's horrible (16m now)

I did an awesome post  of a day in my life.  Read it here...had pictures to back up the craziness

March 15th also held memories of the baby we had lost 3 years before.  Only to be reminded of sweet blessings a few months later becoming pregnant with sweet Reid

A first again....

I wrote hubs and I started our new diet to drop 20lbs.  Somewhere in there that didn't happen...I gained 10.  So Now as of today I have 30lbs to lose.  Good times....some memories suck!

Citrus Lane was a good month...we got the Paper Dolls and the Cloud b pillows and Lovey's.  Probably favorite month so far!  Citrus Lane...?  Get $10 off your first box with this code
We have almost been doing these for a year....I adore!

Early 39th birthday present that hubs says is my present for years to come...oh and my Le Creuset  pieces.  I will say I use both my pans and oven daily so it was a present well worth it!

We ended out the month with Easter on the 31st.  Another 1st and another celebration with the family

the photo my family said was horrible and the child will kill me one  I think he's got the sweetest tush ever


April fool's I like to make some cute treats...this year I made these
Those cupcakes were so fun to make...can't wait for this year! 

someone is getting

Love that these boys are 18m apart.  Watching them grow together has been amazing this past year!  Love my boys!

Awww my 39th happened....eek...we are getting closer.  Hubs took me on a date.  (I think we get 3 a year...each bday and our anniversary!)

I picked my fav mexican food and got me some sample margaritas!  Why not go all out right?

The infamous Lick photo I caught of Reid

 April was a fantastic month!


Miss Lily got her favorite dress from Brandy over at  Sunfire Creative.  She still wears that dress's 30' degrees out sometimes...I need Brandy to make us another one for when she outgrows this..every girl needs monograms!

My favorite photo of the month

My many hats of mommy post and 'selfies' as my tween says

our exhibitionist

our first ballet recital memorial day weekend...along with yummy treats

This is also the month I started my oily journey with essential oils....I have never looked back....


Baby boy is growing fast

Still on my cookie making wannabe kick.

Big kids off to summer camp for a 1-2 weeks.  This picture of #2 child grosses me out...I can never stick swamp moss on me...the creatures that could be lurking

Oldest child went for 2 weeks and decided getting staples in his head while at camp would be fun!  Only him!!!

Discovered a stuffed friend called Hoho's and have been addicted ever since.  She is crazy talented

Made homemade detergent for the first time.  So far made 3 batches of this beauty!  Saving money is my friend

My oily stash is growing...and decided this month to make this a way of life and educate others  and grow into a business

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jen said...

I'm so glad you posted this. I love rereading my own blog and remembering what we did when. But I really enjoyed yours--since I had read every post when it was new, it brought back memories of your family. Loved the superhero picture and the bunny tail.

I wish we lived closer--we could so swap kids once in a while. Evie and Lilly would hang well together--alternately bossy and friendly.

Hope your Christmas was phenomenal.

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