Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Birthday Planning Back to Back

I remember when I was pregnant with #3.  My due date wasn't until Feb 4th, but she kept threatening to come weeks before (fine by me)

January 25th (morn) my contractions started, but I had lots to do.  Dropped the boys off at preschool and a friend and I went shopping, (haha yes shopping) for the day.  We had lunch, I got a make over, had a pedicure etc.  You know all the things you do while in labor.  I mean it was my last day to get things done before baby.  I just knew she would be there before night fell

I remember my friend was a nervous wreck each time I stopped for a contraction.  I kept reminding her..."No, not yet"
The lady at the make up counter freaked a bit too.  It's ok people I got this

The 25th were 2 ppl's birthday also so I needed to push it to share their date.....but

She came at 1:24 am on the 26th.  Hey I tried!!!

Fast forward a few years

I was pregnant with #5 and my due date was Feb 2nd.  Sweet Mini Me informed me I WOULD NOT GIVE BIRTH ON HER DAY.  Yes, her day

Well I obliged and gave birth Feb 1st.  Which means I have birthday parties 2 weekends in a row

This year Mini Me turns 13.  The big 13 and horror of all mean horror mom's she's NOT having a sleepover.  I know I'm mean.  But honestly with the 3 littles not sleeping at night and they are up at the same time at times in the middle of the night...I just don't have the sanity left in me for 14 screaming teens.  Girls at that.

She couldn't come up with a theme...so I did.  (sadly) 

Breakfast and Pj's

What 2 things do teens love?  Staying in Pj's all day and Breakfast foods!

So we wrapped up some tiny boxes of cereal and went to her friends houses delivering the invites.

I figure we will do foodie type stations ...Cereal Bar, Pancake Bar, Donut Bar, Pop Tart Bar (I didn't say healthy) and she requested a Smoothie Bar

on to the boy's party....
#5 requested a Dragon Party.

So I decided Castle Bounce House. 

This is my first bounce house party.  Never felt brave enough before.  

Seemed easier than trying to plan a bunch of Dragon Slaying activities for 3 yr old boys and girls.  (I can't believe he's gonna be 3)

I found the cutest invites/thank you notes and splurged instead of making them for the first time in years.

It was worth the $22

Now I'm basically hitting Pinterest for decor ideas and food themes.  You know me and my needing to name the foods to coincide with the party! 

Happy Party Planning....

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