Wednesday, January 29, 2014

First Time in 5 Years.....Felt Good

I hit the gym

I hit him hard.

I started back Sunday
Went twice Monday

And twice Tuesday

The first day was comical.  None of my old workout clothes fit

I mean here I am 3 more kids later and some padding I don't remember....

So off I run to the gym (ok I drove) on a beautiful Sunday afternoon while hubs watched the kids

I felt all nervous like a girl on her first day of a girl on her first a girl giving birth for the first time...ok you get the point.

Before I left the house I couldn't find my old ipod (it's mini and they don't even make them anymore)
Hubs found it and it was "need a charge does this thing work...ALL MY MUSIC is on it please work when I charge it" dead

I used this thing to workout and had some great fast songs I ran and worked out to...I needed her to work

I grabbed my headphones and iphone to listen to while I was there....That would work huh?!

The drive was short....3 mins....I am grateful our neighborhood has a gym at the front.  It's not huge ....a few pieces of equipment and upstairs about 3 treadmills...some bikes and ellipticals ...
I was grateful the room was empty and grabbed a treadmill and stood there.  I looked out at the window in front of me and feels like old times. 

Started her up and put my headphones on and then realized I only had kids songs on my phone.  I have yet to fill it with all my good stuff and now all I had to walk with was

So as I'm doing my alternating speed walk/run for 25 mins I listened to the tunes of none other than 
The Fresh Beat Band

It was the only that had a beat. 

It was comical really...

Me out of shape
Only music Fresh Beat Band

Only nursing bras no workout bras (poor Cole was drinking Milk Shakes I'm sure after all that moving)

I will admit it felt great to be back at the gym  

I'm more motivated than ever

So off I'm going every morn and evening  (we are making the 3 biggies watch the 3 littles so mom and dad can work out) 

Stay tuned!!


Dianna said...

Way to go! I love the milkshake comment. I laughed out loud.

TerinAleah said...

You go girl!! :) I need to start going back too! :-/

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