Monday, February 24, 2014

WIDN Monday....Swiffers and Scales

Ok so it's the last week of February.  Scary really huh?!  47 days until my 40th and I have told hubs I'm having a party (duh) and I will more than likely have to rent a bounce house considering the fact that all our friends have 3+ kids so the party is for them right?!

47 days to work this body in even more shape

and photos until the 8 week mark!  ha  I read it takes about that long for anyone to notice
My before is humbling enough.  

SO update? 
week 5 ...only down 1 lb BUT 4" bam

total 17lbs and 13" off so far.  Let's see how much more I can work off in 47 days

I'm doing 2 a days at the neighborhood gym and floor exercises at home....along with the 30 day plank challenge and 30 day squat challenge.  

I still can't see the changes ...I thinks it's because I live with myself!!

I've been trying to go low carb (sort of screwed up sunday) and low sugar (again hello sunday)

I'm running out of ideas for meals....please send some protein meals my way


While at the gym I saw a commercial for this bad boy and I knew I needed it.  But would it really work?  Why yes, yes it does.  I am in love.  Swiffer Sweep and Trap you are my new friend


You know my love of Young Living Essential Oils right?  I'm having a great promo if you have wanted to sign up but were unsure. 

3 things to choose from $20 off (I will paypal you after you sign) a bottle of Thieves Cleaner or a Quick Reference Guide

I have totally gotten rid of all chemical cleaners in my house.  Thieves goes everywhere.
I USE my thieves cleaner on .... name a surface then I use it there.  I use it on my mirrors, toilets, floors, walls, couches, counters, sinks, stoves, doors, windows, appliances (I also use vinegar with peppermint on those too)
I use a capful if my kids have an accident (hello potty training)
I soak some of the kids bath toys in it too!
Bleach is so harmful!!!

Monday, February 17, 2014

My Operation "HOT TO 40" Update

Hot to 40...that's what I'll call this

I turn 40 in April and  I need to wear an old dress of mine.  Besides I have 6 kids...I am tired of looking like I have 6 kids!

4th week check in 

16 lbs down and a total of 9" gone too

Still doing 2 days at the gym ...floor exercises when I get home

Doing that silly Plank and Squat Monthly Challenge.  I'm up to a minute on the plank and only 80 squats

Hubs sort of got me a Valentine's gift....he got me shoes and earbud bling.  I think he is proud of my progress!  (and he got my favorite colors)

My hardest part are the meals.  I have tried to cut most carbs and sugars and tried to increase my protein and veggies and limit my fruit
I also drink about 4+ liters of water a day. 

I would say half the time I got this...the other time I'm I want 2 pieces of pizza for breakfast lunch and dinner!

I usually have broccoli during the day.  I have been roasting it with chunks of garlic and salt and olive oil  then tossing with parmesan cheese.  (what is it about roasted garlic????! LOVE LOVE)

Today I made this.....

Garlicky Broccoli

cast of characters

1 tbs olive oil
1 bag of broccoli florets
1-2 tbs chopped garlic
1/2 tsp crushed red pepper
1/4 cup water
2 tbs soy sauce

The Script

In a large skillet heat oil over med-high heat.  Add broccoli, garlic, and red pepper flakes; stirring constantly for 2 mins.  Add 1/4 cup water and soy sauce; cover and cook for 3 mins or crisp

Ok I may or may not (I did) have sprinkled Parmesan on this before I ate it.  I love the salty flavor it gives!! 

I could use the motivation to keep going...share the love!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Sharing The Love

Happy Valentine's Day friends

We got our date night on Wednesday when the In Laws came over for dinner...
They brought i Fratelli's pizza and Mommy and Daddy got Mi Cocina in Legacy Town Center

For dessert I made Ree's Pot de Creme (under recipe tab)

(ree's photo)

Hubs doesn't do Valentine's Day (he thinks it is a made up holiday...not me!)  so I baked some cookies for the gang.

Everyone got their initial 

 I showed my man our initials with some love....he just pat my head!  he's so romantic

I had to take #3 to school this morning (she missed the bus on purpose) and I thought when I got back he would have my treats hidden and they would be out on the counter when I returned.  They weren't.  He reminded me he REALLY wasn't kidding when he said he didn't get me anything.
He said my present is to go to Academy and try Nike shoes on so I will know what size to order

Did I mention when I hit the 20lb mark I get to get a pair of these bad boys?  (If I can find them online somewhere in my size)

Come on 20 lbs!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Workout Partners...Justin Timberlake and Jo L

Yesterday marked the start of week 3 of "my gym get the weight off the baby is 18m you need to lose the weight and your 40th birthday is just around the corner" update!

I go to the gym twice a day 6 days a week....7th day I go just once

I am doing cardio in the morning and weights and then in the evening just cardio

Hubs has joined me in the evenings and it's terrific!

Our neighborhood has a gym in the clubhouse so the drive is only 3 mins away....(SWEET) and I can go and come back before the kids notice (Ok not really they notice and whine and beg to go with me)

I have been sneaking leaving by 6:45 in the morning and back home by 7:30.  (can you say sweet again)

Most days I wish I was still sleeping but 10 mins into my elliptical  and awesome music on the ipod and HGTV in front of me...I'M GOOD TO GO!

I am not getting on the scales just yet b/c heck fire those are the enemy.  Thought I would weigh in March 1st for my charted progress.  It's more about do those favorite jeans fit than anything else.  I am keeping them in sight every time I walk into my closet

I did measure and so far I am down a total of 7"

I've made 2 workout playlists and hubs made me one with his choices.  I have been enjoying all 3..having a great beat keeps me hopping

Usually Justin Timberlake visits with me....just when I'm getting exhausted he reminds me "I'm bringing sexy back"  

Then J Lo kicks in and keeps the rhythm for me too

Duran Duran was there yesterday ...those crazy "Wild Boys" make working out worth it

I feel terrific.  Sleeping better...eating better

I think when you work this hard putting something bad in your body ruins the good feeling

I broke down and bought one of those heart monitors/calorie counters watches.  I am slightly addicted to it.  I wear it all day because I like to see how much  I can burn doing workouts/house chores/and caring for kids.  One day I hit 3000

I think the hubs enjoys it too b/c I am cleaning more.  Vacuuming stairs is a workout in itself!

Here is what I burned after a workout doing chores!!! 
and prepping dinner and chasing kids!  bam

If I get brave enough I'll do some before and after....stay tuned!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Dragon Slaying and The Cake

Mr Duncan "Reid" turned 3 on the 1st.  Seemed only fitting he was born in an ice storm and another ice/snow storm hit again 3 years later.  Hello good memories

The boy wanted a Dragon Party (I wanted camping...but hey...I'll go with knights and princesses too)

I couldn't really come up with activities to keep them entertained for long...(I mean you can only decorate crowns and shields for so long)  so bright idea?  Bounce House

My first time to rent one in 17 years.  Yes, I felt it was time!  So I rented a Castle shaped one.

I had foam swords for the boys and let the girls decorate crowns.  So between eating, bouncing, and running around the house screaming...I think it was overall a great party!

The Birthday Boy was confused and so we opened presents first.  (shakes head)


Macaroni Cups
Veggie Tray and dips (knight fuel)
Chips and Salsa (shields and dragon breath) 
Smokies and BBQ sauce (dragon treats)
Mashmallows (dragon eggs)
Red Kool-aid (dragon blood)

For the cake he wanted a Dragon.  So I hit where else?  Pinterest.  Thankfully there were tons 

So here was mine.

I found that the easiest way to ice a cake with cut edges is to pipe it on with your piping bag (I used tip #4) and then smooth it on.

I LOVED making this cake!!!

I literally took about 5 photos  I ALWAYS FORGET.  So please if you ever come to my parties...please take photos for me!  I think I mingle too much at my own parties!

My favorite thing was probably the Mac n Cheese Cups

I didn't really have a recipe that I followed.  I sort of combined a few that I saw on the internet.

Here is what I did for 24 cups plus some mini's (for all the sweet babies who came)

4 cups uncooked elbow mac
2 tbs butter
2 eggs beaten
2 cups milk
3 cups shredded cheddar and 3 cups shredded mozzarella cheeses
1 cup dry bread crumbs (I used panko b/c it was all I had)
parmesan cheese (not sure how much I used ...just kept sprinkling until I liked what I saw)
1 tsp garlic powder
1/2 tsp mustard powder
1/2 tsp salt
shakes of paprika

1. Preheat over to 360 and spray your muffin pans.  I then sprinkled some parm in all the greased cups
Mix bread crumbs, more parmesan and salt in a bowl; set aside

2. Bring pot to a boil and salt water.  Add macaroni and cook about 8mins, you still want them firm
Remove and drain and return to pan.   Beat eggs and add garlic powder, salt, mustard powder and paprika.  Add butter and slowly add eggs.....we are not making scrambled eggs here...until pasta is coated.  Reserve some cheddar cheese and then stir in remaining cheddar, milk, mozzarella, and more parmesan.  (NOW NEXT TIME I WOULD LIKE TO ADD MORE CHEESES.  THE FLAVOR WAS GOOD, BUT STILL NEEDS MORE CHEESES)

3.  Spoon into muffin tins and sprinkle with more cheddar and bread crumb mixture

4.  Bake 30 mins or until set.  I actually did the whole 30 b/c I was worried they wouldn't pop out.  I need to decrease time next time.  Keep an eye on them. 

5.  Let them sit about 20 mins in pan to pop out easier.  I used a spoon and gently scooped them.  WORKED PERFECT.

I love this last picture.  My birthday boy screaming nooooo, (can you see him right hand side standing)  as I was trying to take pictures of the party!  Thanks son!!

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