Monday, February 17, 2014

My Operation "HOT TO 40" Update

Hot to 40...that's what I'll call this

I turn 40 in April and  I need to wear an old dress of mine.  Besides I have 6 kids...I am tired of looking like I have 6 kids!

4th week check in 

16 lbs down and a total of 9" gone too

Still doing 2 days at the gym ...floor exercises when I get home

Doing that silly Plank and Squat Monthly Challenge.  I'm up to a minute on the plank and only 80 squats

Hubs sort of got me a Valentine's gift....he got me shoes and earbud bling.  I think he is proud of my progress!  (and he got my favorite colors)

My hardest part are the meals.  I have tried to cut most carbs and sugars and tried to increase my protein and veggies and limit my fruit
I also drink about 4+ liters of water a day. 

I would say half the time I got this...the other time I'm I want 2 pieces of pizza for breakfast lunch and dinner!

I usually have broccoli during the day.  I have been roasting it with chunks of garlic and salt and olive oil  then tossing with parmesan cheese.  (what is it about roasted garlic????! LOVE LOVE)

Today I made this.....

Garlicky Broccoli

cast of characters

1 tbs olive oil
1 bag of broccoli florets
1-2 tbs chopped garlic
1/2 tsp crushed red pepper
1/4 cup water
2 tbs soy sauce

The Script

In a large skillet heat oil over med-high heat.  Add broccoli, garlic, and red pepper flakes; stirring constantly for 2 mins.  Add 1/4 cup water and soy sauce; cover and cook for 3 mins or crisp

Ok I may or may not (I did) have sprinkled Parmesan on this before I ate it.  I love the salty flavor it gives!! 

I could use the motivation to keep going...share the love!


Heather said...

Cutting the good foods out and exercising is hard and especially with kids, so your doing great! Just out of curiosity do you plan on having anymore kids? I love your blog.

Elaine said...

I have found the only thing that really keeps me disciplined on food is using My Fitness Pal to log everything I eat. That way I will stay out of the snacks and M&M's. If I eat 10 M&M's, I log them. When trying to lose weight (the 5 lbs I gained back over the last 6 months) I stick to 1200 calories a day. Let' just say today, I really wanted cookies lots of cookies! I ate Jello Jigglers instead:) You are doing great and seeing results is the BEST motivation, as well as reminding yourself every time you want to cave and eat too much, think of your workout going to waste! Hang in there, you will be HOT AT 40, with 6 kids!

TerinAleah said...

You're doing great!! And I am loving those Nikes!! :)

jen said...

Sounds great, but I'm a visual kind of gal--can we get a picture of the hotness?

Jumping Jack said...

that broccoli look delicious! might have to have that for dinner!!

WAY TO GO! You're rockin' it! I need to get my butt in gear! We're going to Mexico in April and I am no where near swimsuit ready!

Dianna said...

You are doing awesome! I wish I had that motivation and dedication.

Brandi said...

great job!!! Keep it up!!!!

Stephanie said...

Yum! Made that broccoli last night and it was delish! Thank you!!!

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