Friday, February 14, 2014

Sharing The Love

Happy Valentine's Day friends

We got our date night on Wednesday when the In Laws came over for dinner...
They brought i Fratelli's pizza and Mommy and Daddy got Mi Cocina in Legacy Town Center

For dessert I made Ree's Pot de Creme (under recipe tab)

(ree's photo)

Hubs doesn't do Valentine's Day (he thinks it is a made up holiday...not me!)  so I baked some cookies for the gang.

Everyone got their initial 

 I showed my man our initials with some love....he just pat my head!  he's so romantic

I had to take #3 to school this morning (she missed the bus on purpose) and I thought when I got back he would have my treats hidden and they would be out on the counter when I returned.  They weren't.  He reminded me he REALLY wasn't kidding when he said he didn't get me anything.
He said my present is to go to Academy and try Nike shoes on so I will know what size to order

Did I mention when I hit the 20lb mark I get to get a pair of these bad boys?  (If I can find them online somewhere in my size)

Come on 20 lbs!

1 comment:

Dianna said...

I LOVE Mi Cocina. There is one downtown FW and I ate that for lunch at least once a week when prego with #2. The Rico salad is my fave.

Cute cookies and cute shoes!

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