Monday, February 24, 2014

WIDN Monday....Swiffers and Scales

Ok so it's the last week of February.  Scary really huh?!  47 days until my 40th and I have told hubs I'm having a party (duh) and I will more than likely have to rent a bounce house considering the fact that all our friends have 3+ kids so the party is for them right?!

47 days to work this body in even more shape

and photos until the 8 week mark!  ha  I read it takes about that long for anyone to notice
My before is humbling enough.  

SO update? 
week 5 ...only down 1 lb BUT 4" bam

total 17lbs and 13" off so far.  Let's see how much more I can work off in 47 days

I'm doing 2 a days at the neighborhood gym and floor exercises at home....along with the 30 day plank challenge and 30 day squat challenge.  

I still can't see the changes ...I thinks it's because I live with myself!!

I've been trying to go low carb (sort of screwed up sunday) and low sugar (again hello sunday)

I'm running out of ideas for meals....please send some protein meals my way


While at the gym I saw a commercial for this bad boy and I knew I needed it.  But would it really work?  Why yes, yes it does.  I am in love.  Swiffer Sweep and Trap you are my new friend


You know my love of Young Living Essential Oils right?  I'm having a great promo if you have wanted to sign up but were unsure. 

3 things to choose from $20 off (I will paypal you after you sign) a bottle of Thieves Cleaner or a Quick Reference Guide

I have totally gotten rid of all chemical cleaners in my house.  Thieves goes everywhere.
I USE my thieves cleaner on .... name a surface then I use it there.  I use it on my mirrors, toilets, floors, walls, couches, counters, sinks, stoves, doors, windows, appliances (I also use vinegar with peppermint on those too)
I use a capful if my kids have an accident (hello potty training)
I soak some of the kids bath toys in it too!
Bleach is so harmful!!!

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Pip's Mom said...

Wow! i just found your blog. Sorry I'm so late. I love how natural you are. I took the natural midwife route on my first (right now only birth) and I loved it. My son has unfortunately had some vaccines but not all and I'm really interested in the essential oils. I fully believe it their power. I look forward to following your blog.

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