Monday, February 10, 2014

Workout Partners...Justin Timberlake and Jo L

Yesterday marked the start of week 3 of "my gym get the weight off the baby is 18m you need to lose the weight and your 40th birthday is just around the corner" update!

I go to the gym twice a day 6 days a week....7th day I go just once

I am doing cardio in the morning and weights and then in the evening just cardio

Hubs has joined me in the evenings and it's terrific!

Our neighborhood has a gym in the clubhouse so the drive is only 3 mins away....(SWEET) and I can go and come back before the kids notice (Ok not really they notice and whine and beg to go with me)

I have been sneaking leaving by 6:45 in the morning and back home by 7:30.  (can you say sweet again)

Most days I wish I was still sleeping but 10 mins into my elliptical  and awesome music on the ipod and HGTV in front of me...I'M GOOD TO GO!

I am not getting on the scales just yet b/c heck fire those are the enemy.  Thought I would weigh in March 1st for my charted progress.  It's more about do those favorite jeans fit than anything else.  I am keeping them in sight every time I walk into my closet

I did measure and so far I am down a total of 7"

I've made 2 workout playlists and hubs made me one with his choices.  I have been enjoying all 3..having a great beat keeps me hopping

Usually Justin Timberlake visits with me....just when I'm getting exhausted he reminds me "I'm bringing sexy back"  

Then J Lo kicks in and keeps the rhythm for me too

Duran Duran was there yesterday ...those crazy "Wild Boys" make working out worth it

I feel terrific.  Sleeping better...eating better

I think when you work this hard putting something bad in your body ruins the good feeling

I broke down and bought one of those heart monitors/calorie counters watches.  I am slightly addicted to it.  I wear it all day because I like to see how much  I can burn doing workouts/house chores/and caring for kids.  One day I hit 3000

I think the hubs enjoys it too b/c I am cleaning more.  Vacuuming stairs is a workout in itself!

Here is what I burned after a workout doing chores!!! 
and prepping dinner and chasing kids!  bam

If I get brave enough I'll do some before and after....stay tuned!


TerinAleah said...

You have encouraged me to start working out too! I'm going to start with just walking for now :)

Casey K said...

Keep up the good work! You're doing an awesome job!

Dianna said...

That is awesome! Now maybe I can remember this when I avoid my elliptical tonight at home.

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