Monday, March 24, 2014

40 to 40 Update.......The Fix Is Finished

Whew....I finished the 21 DAY FIX yesterday

Stats ended at 10lbs and 7" for that 21 days!

I didn't notice much change except in my saddle bag area.  I WILL TAKE IT

So drum roll.....

My 40 to 40 is going strong 17 days until my 40th and I have a whopping 10 lbs to go!!!

So far I lost 30 lbs in this journey and lost count of overall inches!  

Last time I posted pictures I got a bunch of "boy you're brave"  

I wasn't sure if they meant that in a good or bad way....but if it can motivate someone else 

Many times I will see someone's before picture and say to myself "she looks just like me"  and then I see her after and I want that too

SO here you are.....Day 1 and week 9  

everything pretty much is shrinking waist has dropped 5"     chest 4"     hips 4"  thighs each dropped 4"  and about 3 dress sizes

I am just ever so slightly back in all my old old clothes I mean after Lily. 

I made every excuse like anyone else...but I felt justified b/c I have 6 kids.  I mean the girl with 1 or 2 kids and would work out ....I mean hello?  I would too if I had that many kids

I'm constantly in the kitchen prepping food.  Have you cooked daily for a family of 8....2 of which are teenage boys that eat like no tomorrow and bring friends at a last mins notice who can polish down food too?

I start prepping in the morn and again start dinner around 3:30 each day

I felt consumed by food and then I would eat the wrong things (hello Chick Fil A on the way home from Target) or maybe just 2 more pieces of name it.  I also like to bake.  I mean I really love to bake.  Creating yummy desserts is sort of my happy place.  SO it's been 1. hard to not sample 2. hard to cut back 3 hard to make stuff

The 21 Day Fix was about portion control...timing your food...and working out.

The containers at first seemed impossible...Now just fun to come up with combos

Now that the fix is over I will continue using the containers, but alter them a bit.  I will change up things she suggests

I am also starting the 60 Booty Lift Challenge using the Beachbody Brazil Butt Lift series.  

It was a super intense workout that had me laughing up a storm this morning!!!

Sample list of some of my meals the past 21 days
6 small meals during the day


bell peppers w/hummus
carrots w/hummus
apples with cinnamon, honey , and coconut
apples w/greek yogurt and cinnamon
strawberries/blueberries greek yogurt with cinnamon
1/2 english muffin w/1tsp almond butter and 1/2 banana
pineapple w/greek yogurt
any berries and yogurt
KIND bar (did this rarely)

breakfast usually consisted of my Shakeology

mainly salads w/lots of cilantro 1tbs dressing, 1tbs feta and a protein....grilled chicken or flank steak

kept this protein, roasted or grilled or steamed veggies, and 1/2 carb, (wild rice, couscous, 1 tortilla) 

I drank tons of Lemon water (using my YL essential oil)
I took about 15 drops of grapefruit oil a day in a capsule

I also drank 2oz of Ningxia red each day!

I think I'll continue most of these things...


I am still doing mornings in the gym and sometimes in the evening w/my main man!


Jennifer said...

So proud of you!

Shannon Sentences said...

Your results are amazing - you look fantastic! Congrats!

jen said...

WOW!! I think you're brave just because I don't know if I could post pictures of my body out like that. I'm IMPRESSED! You go, girl!
Finger snap, snap, snap!

Dianna said...

You look great! I am sure it hasn't been easy but it looks like it is really paying off.

Stephanie said...

You look amazing! Great job!

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