Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Snacks to Satisfy

I will admit.  I miss going to Whataburger and ordering that Green Chile Patty Melt with avocados.  I don't even want to think what the fries and drink added to that were doing to my thighs.  Will I have one again one day...Oh I'm sure I will.  This girl loves a good greasy burger and fries

Do I miss a handful (or 3) of choc kisses ...oh you betcha! 

So in the meantime I am trying to come up with sweet and salty snacks to curb the cravings while I am shrinking those pretty hips and baby belly

Here are a few I have been enjoying

berries and yogurt with cinnamon
I've never been a fan of plain greek yogurt, but found that if I add a bunch of cinnamon and mix some berries I'm in love!!!  (I will sometimes slice an apple in wedges and dip in this too)

sliced apple rings drizzled with honey and more cinnamon w/a pinch of coconut (my favorite after dinner)
Honey makes anything taste better!!!  I then swirl the apple slices to mop up all the cinnamon
(I may lick the bowl never know)

garlic hummus w/veggies

and another I'm gonna have to try that I saw on Pinterest

sliced bananas sandwiched w/almond butter dipped in dark chocolate

 I'm on day 10 of the 21 Day Fix and I'm loving it!  I am sharing some meal ideas on IG so follow me there if you need ideas too!  And please share with me!!!

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