Monday, March 10, 2014

The Incredible Shrinking Woman

I'm still on the 21 Day Fix if you must know!!  I'm working my bum off for this!  

(a little 21 Day Fix Humor)

Week 7 of my whole Hot to 40 and the start of week 2 of 21 Day Fix

Week 1 of 21 Day Fix...I lost a whopping 5 lbs and 2"

for a grand total of 25lbs and 17" down baby!

It's hard to believe, but not.  I truly want this and I am starting to see the Old Laura come back.  And by Old I don't mean b/c I'm near 40, I mean the girl who I was before getting pregnant 4 more times in a 5.5 yr period!!!  (6 kids takes a toll on the body if you don't take care of it....I should know)

The 21 Day Fix is fantastic.   7 different workouts a week...then repeat for week 2 and 3.  So I'm not bored b/c I'm changing it up each day and getting stronger too.

I will tell you if I hadn't gone all no carbs/sugar and more protein and veggies (basically cutting back my bad foods) I would have struggled with the 21 Day Fix meals

You have these containers and your food needs to fit ....portion control.  I mean you can eat too much of bad stuff too you know.
I really wanted to triple my meat intake...and cheese...and well everything.  I'm always hungry, but you can eat 6 small meals a day on this so I am getting used to that too.  I'm a big 3 meals and snack kind of girl

Here are a few samples of my meals in a day...See a good amount of yummies

here's lunch...salad/dressing/feta/grilled chick and lots of cilantro

dinner one night...grilled chick w/buffalo sauce ...garlic green beans and an avocado 

The workouts are great.  Some are hard some are just right. 

Today I repeated last Monday's workout and I can see a difference in my strength

I am doing extra workouts along with the 21 Day Fix.  I still go to the gym in the morn for 20-25 mins elliptical and weights and evenings with my hubs for more of the same

M/W/F I do the 21 Day Fix 10 min Ab Fix (my probs are belly and thighs)

Today I went into the Teen daughter's closet...(as if she doesn't do this to me daily) and grabbed a shirt of hers I want!  It fits finally...she may or may not get it back.  I took a picture and sent it to her with a haha tag!

So besides being consumed with workouts and stealing the kids clothes...

I'm finally getting around to the Tooth Fairy Door that went around on Pinterest

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