Tuesday, March 18, 2014

What I'm Doing Now

Yesterday was St Patrick's Day and my daddy's birthday!  I copied Bake at 350's cookies and made the kids some fun treats yesterday...THAT I COULDN'T EAT.  Still on my 21 Day Fix
I just smelled them a lot and used my memory for the taste.  (just finished another one in my mind)

How is my 21 Day Fix going?
Great.  I just started my last week on Monday and so far my total on the Fix is 7lbs and 5"
I'm hoping at the end of this week my total on the 21 Day Fix will be about 12 lbs!  (fingers crossed)

My overall weight loss has been terrific.  I'm busting my booty to hit my 40 to 40 goal  (a then another 10 after that)

I'm down 27 lbs and about 20" .  I'm back into a handful of my old clothes (pre Lily) and I've noticed my endurance is way way up! 

I'm going to do another round of the 21 Day and add Brazil Butt Lift to it!!

(pictures to follow next week at the end of the Fix)

Pinterest called me this weekend.....I had to make some Burlap stuff...I'm addicted to Burlap but man is it messy to cut.  (note:  don't wear black...)

I sprayed my brown burlap white and then painted choc dots on it.  I feel something Easter like coming up.  Ohh if only I was an artist.  I would do one for ever season.  But I can not free hand shapes to save my life!
I need a really creative friend to come over and draw a bunch of stuff on posterboard for me!! (hint hint)

And I finally finished the Tooth Fairy Door
Thought it would be cute to make the door number her birth year for a keepsake item

TTT:  Trip to Target Tuesday

I mean what is a good week without one right?  Nah...I try to keep it once a month or less.  I can get into trouble here.  Frozen was released (and sadly we have NEVER seen it) so I wanted to hop on the bandwagon. 
The bunny ears were in the $1 section and I went for it.  They had brown for the boys and well?  Kids are totally adorable as bunnies

Speaking of bunnies.  Lily is dying for one.  Tell me not to get one.  Tell me they are too much trouble.  Tell me they poop and are messy!  Tell me they aren't really soft and cute.  Tell me stuffed ones are better. 


Dianna said...

Those cookies are adorable. Keep up the awesome work!! I can't wait to see pictures of your transformation. Do you have a cricut that you can cut shapes out with for your door decor? Not sure how big you want it.

Amanda said...

Stuffed bunnies are much better. I had one when I was younger and man it was stinky

jen said...

Bunnies grow up to be rabbits, and rabbits are smelly and poop a lot.

Just sayin'.

Rusti said...

bunnies stink and grow up to be huge and stinky. also you/someone in your family could be allergic like i found out 6 months into having "sara" who became "Sergio" after a "playdate" went south with it's litter mate "lindsey". thank goodness i was only 10 at the time and didn't fully grasp what had happened and that i got the rabbit from family who didn't mind taking it back as a sire.

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